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Fruit & Vegetables market expertise
Newsletter of 12/02/2019
Direct from the markets
Chilean cherry

Still cherished by Asia

The Chilean cherry campaign is now well underway, and looks to be promising. The planting frenzy has not been quenched, fanned by unfailing Asian demand. The initial estimates are pointing to exports of more than 200 000 tonnes, a figure which has bee...

Review and Forecasts
Mango monthly review: October 2019

Mediocre market conditions

The European mango market saw very mediocre conditions in October, carrying on from those seen in late September. The accumulation of tonnages from the end of the Israeli campaign, plus the high tempo of shipments from Brazil and Spain, led to an over...

Review and Forecasts
Banana monthly review: October 2019

European market balanced despite growing supply

Although Ecuador remains on the ebb (10 % below average) because of the seasonal fall and shipments to other markets, the dollar supply was high since the Costa Rican and Colombian peaks overlapped, with levels 10 % and 9 % respectively...

Full country profile
World avocado production prospects - Mexico

Ever more colossal

This publication is the fruit of a partnership between the Hass Avocado Board and the CIRAD Market News Service. The editorial team would like to thank all the professionals who have contributed to drawing up this country profile.

This week's highlights
Exotic | Mango
Mango Weekly Report

week 48 2019

The mango market is tenser this week because of not only increasing supplies from Brazil but most of all because of the demand that is very moderate. 

Avocado Market Report

week 48 2019

Sales activity is low and prices on the European market continue to decline.

Pineapple | Exotic
Info Ananas

week 48 2019

Le marché de l’ananas est plutôt apathique dans son ensemble.

Banana Market Report

week 48 2019

With its supply falling, European market recovering slightly

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