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The Tuesday Edition - Oct 2, 2018
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“Look for Me starts with a bang and never lets up! You won’t be able to put it down—and it will haunt you long after you turn the final page.”—Shari Lapena, bestselling author. Start reading now.
News, abortion, reproductive rights

California Governor Decides He Knows Better Than Actual Women Students on Campus Abortion Access

By Kylie Cheung on Tue,11:56
S.B. 320 served to acknowledge—among many other things—the existence of state universities in the rural stretches of central California, where the drive to and from the nearest abortion clinic can be an all-day affair that would certainly require students with unwanted pregnancies to miss class, work, or internships just to access basic care. Brown found it "unnecessary."
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Movies, George Romero, horror movies, Night of the Living Dead, zombies

50 Years Later, Night Of The Living Dead Is Still A Waking Nightmare

By Kate Gardner on Tue,11:03
Is it too on the nose to suggest a political parallel to the modern news cycle?
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News, donald trump, Eric Trump, Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump Reportedly Personally Directed Eric Trump to Quiet Stormy Daniels

By Daniella Bondar on Tue,10:48
Donald Trump reportedly directed his son, Eric Trump, to keep his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels under wraps.
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AMP Featured, Movies, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Venom

Venom Seems to Be Everything We Imagined, Which Is Not a Compliment

By Dan Van Winkle on Tue,10:06
Now that people have actually seen Venom, and reactions have been allowed on social media, it seems that our odd fascination with this movie has been pretty much warranted.
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Big on the Internet, Cool Tattoos

Come on a Nerd Tattoo Journey With The Mary Sue & West4Tattoos

By Princess Weekes on Tue,8:25
One of the ways nerds/geeks and everything inbetween express their love within fandom is through getting nerdy tattoos. Our intrepid social media maven Rachel Leishman came up with the idea that we should go through the process of getting our own nerdy tattoos from a local shop that features a diverse selection of artists, which led to our collaboration with West4Tattoos.
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Big on the Internet, things we saw today, Twitter, violence against women

Things We Saw Today: Women Share What They Would Do If Men Were Banned From Being Outside at Night

By Vivian Kane on Mon,6:34
Civil rights activist Danielle Muscato recently posited an interesting hypothetical on Twitter: What would you (meaning women & non-binary) do if all men had a 9pm curfew?
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AMP Featured, Big on the Internet, Key and Peele, marvel, memes, Twitter

Bring on the MCU Memes! This Time, With a Key and Peele Sketch

By Rachel Leishman on Mon,6:06
We love a good MCU meme and the latest brings us a reimagined Key and Peele sketch! With Obama representing us, we see his opinions on every movie, ship, and more.
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TV, Christine Blasey Ford, General Leia Organa, rachel butera

An Open Letter to Star Wars Resistance’s Rachel Butera

By Christina Potter Swan on Mon,5:09
Can I bend your ear for a minute? I need to tell you a story about Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, and another story about myself. If you’re going to voice Leia, you need to know what you’re getting into.
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Movies, Sony, Tom Hardy, Venom

Sony’s Attempt to Spin a Cinematic Universe out of Venom Seems Flawed

By Kate Gardner on Mon,4:38
A PG-13 lead, a cinematic universe already in development, and frustrated fans... what more could Sony possibly want for Venom? 
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News, donald trump, misogyny, women in journalism

Donald Trump Couldn’t Keep His Disdain for Women in Check During Today’s News Briefing

By Vivian Kane on Mon,4:16
Donald Trump had a number of bizarre, disrespectful interactions with female reporters during a news conference today.
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Movies, Bohemian Rhapsody, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Rocketman

2018 Loves a Good Biopic About Freddie Mercury and Elton John

By Rachel Leishman on Mon,4:00
The rise of the biopics is now, but the real question is: why? Suddenly, it seems, we have quite the amount of movies coming out telling the stories of cultural icons.
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Movies, Jay Oliva, Justice League, Zach Snyder

Justice League Storyboard Artist Reveals More of Zack Snyder’s Original Cinematic Vision

By Princess Weekes on Mon,3:47
Justice League's storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, talked about the major difference that the film's final act if Snyder's original vision had been filmed.
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AMP Featured, Movies, box office, Captain Marvel (movie), Forbes

Captain Marvel Is Already Facing Off Against Male Critics

By Kate Gardner on Mon,2:02
I'm sorry, but when a film that involves a talking tree and a feisty raccoon can make millions and no one blinks an eye but a female heroine who gets a mysterious trailer is somehow not hook enough, we've got a small problem here.
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Big on the Internet, Anime Expo, Anime Fest, NYCC

Anime Fest @ NYCC x Anime Expo, Bringing the Full Anime Experience to NYCC

By Princess Weekes on Mon,2:00
Anime Fest is coming to NYCC "the four-day event will take place at Pier 94 from October 4-7 and provide fans the ultimate East Coast anime festival and celebration of Japanese pop culture."
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News, Elizabeth Warren, women in politics

Elizabeth Warren Says She’ll “Take a Hard Look at Running for President”

By Vivian Kane on Mon,1:18
"It's time for women to go to Washington and fix our broken government and that includes a woman at the top."
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TV, Emily Andras, Syfy, Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp’s Season 3 Finale Solidifies It as One of Sci-Fi’s Best Accomplishments

By Princess Weekes on Mon,12:39
Wynonna Earp just closed out its third season, so we're going to go through what we loved and felt sad about this season!
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