🇫🇷 Nos pens ées sont avec toi, Paris. 🇫 🇷

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Our thoughts are with you, Paris.

On Friday, an awful tragedy unfolded in France.

We’d like to thank the contributors to the live thread, who did Reddit—not to mention the Internet—a huge service by giving their time and energy to keep us up-to-date with all of the breaking news happening at a second’s notice.

This week, we’re going to feature our weekly mix of Reddit content that we hope will make you smile or learn something unusual, but first we’d like to highlight two important stories: an interview with a French redditor who escaped from Le Bataclan concert hall in Paris on Friday, and the story of Richard Glossip, a death-row inmate currently awaiting execution or life in Oklahoma.

On behalf of everyone at Reddit: Nos pensées sont avec toi, Paris.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  UPVOTED   WORLDNEWS French Redditor Relives Bataclan Escape: “I Guess I Owe It to Sheer Luck”

Jon, a 23-year-old student, was caught in the middle of the chaos Friday at Le Bataclan concert hall in Paris, where 87 people were killed. The day after the attack, he shared his harrowing experience escaping from Bataclan.

  UPVOTED Oklahoma Death Row Inmate Richard Glossip Details His Execution Experience submitted by Gabrielle Canon

“It is torture beyond what anybody can believe,” death row inmate Richard Glossip shares in an exclusive interview with Upvoted. Read the full story to learn about how he spent the days leading up to his scheduled execution.

  TODAYILEARNED How Did the Earth Get Its Name? submitted by JaySilver (Photo: NASA)

Every other planet in the solar system is named after a Greek or Roman god or goddess—but Earth is, well, Earth. Find out how the humble “third rock from the sun” got its name.

  IAMA This Week in AMAs: Mindy Kaling, Bruce Campbell, George Takei, Aziz Ansari, & A Tribe Called Quest submitted by the IAmA community (Photos: Wikimedia Commons)

Earlier this week, some big stars stopped by to answer redditors’ questions. Mindy Kaling talked about her dream entourage, Bruce Campbell imagined what life would be like with a chainsaw for a hand, George Takei admitted he likes to troll trolls in his free time, Aziz Ansari shared some behind-the-scenes stories from his new Netflix show Master of None, and A Tribe Called Quest dished on everything from their favorite dinosaurs to their favorite up-and-coming hip-hop artists.

  WRITINGPROMPTS Redditor Adam Spielman’s Story Turned Into Short Film Starring H. Jon Benjamin
submitted by DrowningDream

A little under two years ago, Adam Spielman penned a funny story for Reddit’s Writing Prompts community, imagining what heaven would be like if Lucifer was in charge. Now, that story is a film called Limbo with H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Archer) in the lead role. Read Spielman’s success story and watch the film for free.

  MMA Redditor Ben Nguyen Wins UFC Fight in First-Round Choke
submitted by JagHarReddit

Congratulations to Ben Nguyen (better known as Ben10MMA on Reddit) for his first-round victory last night! If you missed the fight, one fan posted a gif of the defeat to the MMA community—and Nguyen himself showed up in the comments to thank redditors for their support.

  WTF “Rasberry Crazy Ants” Are Ants That Love to Nest In Computers
submitted by dontandnever

Discovered in 2002, Rasberry Crazy Ants are an invasive insect species found in the American southeast—and they’re coming for your electronic devices.

  PICS A Mosaic of Donald Trump Made With 500 (Very NSFW) Pics submitted by FutureFormerRedditor

A recent thread in Reddit’s Pics community has surfaced the greatest mosaic of Donald Trump known to humankind—but it’s not exactly the presidential portrait he was hoping for.

  TODAYILEARNED Giant Sloths Are the Reason Why Avocados Are Still Around submitted by Bpbegha

Avocados are delicious. That’s an undisputed fact. But you better not take that glorious green gift from nature for granted: It turns out avocados should have gone extinct long ago. But they persevered—all thanks to some giant prehistoric sloth poop.

  IAMA The Winklevoss Twins Sit Down for a Video AMA
submitted by vinyl_steelworks

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss probably popped up on your radar somewhere around 2010, when The Social Network hit theaters. Since then, the twins have become entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, focusing their attention on the world of bitcoin. Watch their AMA here.

  SPORTS The “Specky” Is Your New Favorite Dangerous-but-Legal Sports Move
submitted by malta-

Reddit user malta- recently posted this play from the Australian Football League in the Sports community, and it’s called a “specky” (short for “spectacular mark”). It’s also called a “screamer” or “hanger”—and based on this gravity-defying gif, it’s definitely earned all the crazy nicknames.

  TREES This Weed-Infused Beer Will Get You High AND Drunk submitted by Norville-Rogers

Beer and weed bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. But what ifsomebody was crazy enough to combine these two heavenly vices? That’s exactly what Reddit user Norville-Rogers did, posting a photo of his home-brewed marijuana imperial IPA—oh, and he shared his recipe with Upvoted.

submitted by Cat.


  TODAYILEARNED Why Are Canada and Denmark Fighting Over a Tiny Arctic Island? submitted by 2nie

Canada and Denmark have been locked in a centuries-long dispute over a barren island near Greenland. It has no inhabitants, no vegetation, and measures less than a mile in diameter—but the militaries of both countries periodically visit it to remove the other country’s flag and leave a bottle of Danish schnapps or Canadian whiskey in its place. Read about the passive-aggressive liquor exchange—and how redditors are getting involved.

  STARWARS Is This the True Face of Evil in ‘Star Wars’? The Case For and Against Darth Jar Jar submitted by Lumpawarroo (Art by Shitty_Watercolour)

One theory has fans considering a villainous role for Jar Jar Binks in The Force Awakens—but not everyone is sold on it. Read the pros and cons of one redditor’s theory that Jar Jar is a Sith lord.

  RICKANDMORTY ‘Rick & Morty’ Goes Gumby in Dieter Wagner’s New Stop-Motion Short
submitted by kungfudork

Rick & Morty fans, rejoice! One ambitious redditor has brought you a brand-new episode of your favorite show. Sure it’s only a minute and a half long, but it’s in stop-motion—and Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland himself voices the characters.

  PICS Hot Sauce Business is Now Booming After Giving Away $8,000 in Free Samples on Reddit submitted by thehotsqueeze

Sue Sullivan, the “crack sauce lady” behind Hot Squeeze, finds success at the end of her eight-year struggle, thanks to redditors’ support. Find out how a wave of online support helped save her business.

  IAMA Long Read: Will Inmate Richard Glossip Get His Day in Court? submitted by Gabrielle Canon

Richard Glossip, the death row inmate who spoke to Upvoted about the days leading up to his execution, has a complicated case. Learn how a bungled defense, a broken state system, and lack of physical evidence once helped convict Glossip of first-degree murder—but now they may just help save his life.

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