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April OFM celebrates the arrival of spring with a veg-centric issue
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Observer Food Monthly Summer Special
April OFM celebrates the arrival of spring with a veg-centric issue. We have stunning vegan dishes from Chantelle Nicholson and brilliant vegetarian recipes from our own Nigel Slater. Restaurant critic Grace Dent shares her plant-based secret. We meet the vegan building company, personal trainer, the vegan MP and more. Bee Wilson reports on our changing relationship with vegetables (afraid it is not all good news), while Meera Sodha rates the best meat-free meals on the high st. Plus Isabella Rossellini’s life on a plate, lunch with Jack Monroe and Jay Rayner’s rant about restaurant loos.
Reminder: April also sees the launch of our 15th OFM Awards. So please vote for your food favourites for the chance to win luxury holidays, hampers and other amazing prizes.
April OFM, the vegetarian and vegan issue, out this Sunday.
I admit I’m maybe not best known for my willpower. I try. I resist the early asparagus, the monks beard. I hold back on the sea kale. I turn away from the morels. But there is only so much beetroot I can eat. It was the irresistible organic Spanish asparagus that did for me. Luckily, the Norfolk and Wye Valley stuff is coming on stream.
As though I needed an excuse to drink more gin ... I am a bit excited at the news that one of my favourite drinks companies has started a door-to-door delivery service of rare and special brews. The Sipsmith Sipping Society is sending members two 20cl bottles of interesting bottles every two months. Blood orange martini anyone?
I can’t remember when I last ate in the same restaurant twice in 24 hours but Tomos Parry’s Brat had just too many things I wanted to try. There are echoes of Kitty Fisher of course but Brat is better. Note: the grilled whole turbot is almost essential if you are not eating on your own. First floor, 4 Redchurch St, E1 6JL
I am a bit obsessed with teapots and own more than anyone sensible needs (I am supporting potters is how I sell it to myself). But I am unsure how long I will be able to resist the “Japanese Betty” from Postcard Teas. It is hard to beat a Brown Betty but the Suzuki family may have succeeded. 9 Dering St, Mayfair, London W1S 1AG  
Nigel Slater's spring vegetable frittata recipe

A delicious, delicate, new-season special dish



OFM Awards


This Sunday marks the launch of the 15th OFM Awards, so don't forget to nominate your favourite restaurant, cheap eats, place to drink, Sunday lunch and more. Support your favourites from the world of food for a chance to win in our fabulous prize draw.
Allan Jenkins, editor, Observer Food Monthly
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