On 'Venom' and LGBT+ rep, Scarlett Johansson's 'Black Widow' payday, and the very bullied Melania Trump

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The Thursday Edition - Oct 11, 2018
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News, cyberbullying, Melania Trump

Break out Your Tiniest Violin for Melania Trump, “the Most Bullied Person in the World”

By Vivian Kane on Thu,1:27
In an interview with ABC News, Melania Trump explained the motivation behind her 'Be Best' anti-bullying campaign. As it turns out, the issue is personal for her because she believes she is–in her own words and I'm not kidding although I wish I were–'the most bullied person in the world.'
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Movies, LGBTQ Representation, superheroes, Venom

Venom, Subtext, and the Race for On-Screen LGBT+ Representation

By Kate Gardner on Thu,1:09
Listen, I know I keep talking about Venom and sex, much to the consternation of all my friends who get really horrified by my questions such as "in your OTP, who wants to bang Venom and who shames them for that," but the most we think about the film and sexuality, the more fascinating it becomes.
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Big on the Internet, Doctor Who, Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies

The Doctor Who Honest Trailer Is Here to Poke Fun at Our Favorite Time Lord

By Chelsea Steiner on Thu,12:50
Luckily, our good friends at Screen Junkies are here with a new Honest Trailer for the modern Doctor Who series, and ooh it's a good one.
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Movies, Black Widow, marvel, Scarlett Johansson

Legendary On-Screen Woman of Color Scarlett Johansson Gets $15 Million for Black Widow

By Princess Weekes on Thu,11:47
Actress Scarlett Johansson will, reportedly, be paid $15 million for her upcoming 'Black Widow' movie, putting her on the same level as the Chrises of Marvel.
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News, brett kavanaugh, donald trump, protests

The Real Reason Republicans Call Women Protesters “Crisis Actors”

By Kylie Cheung on Thu,11:19
Following the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, President Trump has been leading Republican senators in a self-congratulatory victory lap for the glorious, noble act of putting an intemperate man-child accused of sexual assault by several women on the highest court in the land.
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Movies, Suspiria, things we saw today, Tilda Swinton

Things We Saw Today: Tilda Swinton’s Other Role in Suspiria Has Been Revealed and It’s Bananas

By Vivian Kane on Wed,5:59
Tilda Swinton sure does love to transform herself for a role. She's worn prosthetics and wigs and eerie contacts in plenty of movies. There were even stories out of Snowpiecer about her showing up on set with a pig's nose (which was nixed by director Bong Joon-ho). But in the upcoming Suspiria, she may have outdone herself, transformation-wise.
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Big on the Internet, Emperor Palpatine, leaks, Star Wars: Episode IX

New Star Wars Leak Says an Older Villain Might Return, so Let’s Still Not Retcon Anyone’s Parents

By Kate Gardner on Wed,5:46
Lightsaber fighting styles are not genetic!
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Movies, Lady Gaga, The Little Mermaid, Ursula

I Love Lady Gaga, but I Do NOT Want Her Playing Ursula in the Little Mermaid Remake

By Chelsea Steiner on Wed,4:57
There's a new rumor floating around that she's in talks to play Ursula in Disney's live-action The Little Mermaid. And as much as I love me some Lady Gaga, I am not on board for this.
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Big on the Internet, brett kavanaugh, sexual assault

Someone Bought BrettKavanaugh.com and Turned it Into a Resource Site for Sexual Assault Survivors

By Vivian Kane on Wed,4:51
Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing put a national spotlight on issues of sexual assault. And while he may not have been held accountable for the actions he was credibly, repeatedly accused of, that doesn't mean the conversation is over.
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Big on the Internet, Jamie Lee Curtis

Fox News Is Shaming Jamie Lee Curtis for Nonexistent Gun Control Hypocrisy

By Rachel Leishman on Wed,2:39
Jamie Lee Curtis is a big supporter of gun control. Because of that, Fox News thought it would be a great idea to tweet about how she uses a gun in a fictional movie against her fictional brother Michael Myers. Just to clarify, this is all fictional. She's an actor. Fox News, the Halloween movies aren't real.
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Big on the Internet, feminism, Halloween, horror movies

6 Feminist Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween Season

By Vivian Kane on Wed,2:36
For a genre that features so many female leads, it's unfortunate how much sexism permeates horror movies. But among all the torture porn and the female characters punished for their sexuality, there are a lot of horror movies that don't objectify or otherwise diminish their female characters. Horror is capable of being downright feminist. Here are six stellar feminist horror movies.
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Big on the Internet, Dave Bautista, James Gunn, Suicide Squad 2

Dave Bautista Wants to be in Suicide Squad 2

By Rachel Leishman on Wed,2:09
No one actively wants to be in Suicide Squad.
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News, #MeToo Movement, James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal Defends The Deuce Co-Star James Franco in Frustrating Interview

By Chelsea Steiner on Wed,2:05
Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on the SiriusXM radio's Sway in the Morning show to discuss her upcoming film The Kindergarten Teacher, as well as her work on HBO's The Deuce.
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