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Can't read this email? View it online hereLike us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFri, Sep 12 2014 - 8:00 AMPrison sentence still hangs over Oscar PistoriusPistorius could still face up to 15 years in prison despite having a murder conviction against him ruled out. more  Green Party 'better' than Labour - Russel Norman  •Wet start to the weekend for much of the country •Most Kiwis believe in 'Friday feeling', switch off early •South Korean teen blows Ko and co away in opening round  Featured todayStay ahead
Follow the news with ONE News throughout the day at, on Twitter @onenewsnz and at more Sport NewsSouth Korean teen blows Ko and co away in opening round
World Cup favouritism firming for All Blacks 
Israel Dagg feeling the pressure to back-up 
Taranaki snatch victory off Tasman  
Falcao wants to make loan at Man United permanent 
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