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Can't read this email? View it online hereLike us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterWed, Apr 8 2015 - 8:00 AM'We will no longer wait': Time runs out for Bali Nine duoThe Bali Nine pair lost a bid to challenge their clemency rejections earlier this week.more  Families 'gravely worried' for two teens who took off to Syria  •Get your raincoat ready: Heavy rain set to drench central NZ  •Ed Sheeran to kick off NZ tour in Christchurch tonight  •Jeremy Clarkson won't face police action over attack on Top Gear producer  Featured todayStay ahead
Follow the news with ONE News throughout the day at, on Twitter @onenewsnz and at NewsBrad Thorn rates European Cup win ahead of World Cup in stellar career
Black Caps set to shine in IPL  
I?m sorry! Novak Djokovic apologises after startling ballboy 
Bulldogs turn focus to 'handful of idiots' who put ref in hospital  
Sharks player cops 7 week ban for knee to Crusader's head 
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