Dear Enlightenment Transmission Teaching participants,

This Saturday's Enlightenment Transmission Teacher Call has got me breathless! Perhaps you can get a clue why from the title ‘The Inner Intimate Space Where You Can Fully Receive The Enlightenment Transmission’. And if you really want to get your panties in a lather then you can read both the description for the live Teacher Call and the newest article ‘Maximise Your Daily Dose of Enlightenment Transmission’.

Because of all this breathless excitement, Dave Oshana and the Enlightenment Transmission Teacher Call Replay Team are a bit behind on delivering online Replays – but we are working on it. Since Teacher Calls can be 3 hours in length, they each take a considerable amount of time to produce. Thank you for your patience.

Infinity is what you’re going to get this weekend – guaranteed! And that should get you suitably relaxed for a potential something for the weekend, or the week after, that I have been keeping a secret to avoid being inundated with requests – yes they Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching One to One are available for a limited time only! But I think you’ve all been doing quite well with the huge amounts of Enlightenment Transmission you have been otherwise receiving, correct? It’s my aim to make One-to-Ones as efficient and Enlightenment Transmission focused as possible. I’m working on guidelines.

Then of course I have to mention the Enlightenment Transmission Winter Island Retreat on 20th-27th February 2016.

And I’d like to ask, now that the nights are closing in and we have had some snow on the ground, whether you still prefer Saturday nights for your Teacher Call or if Sunday night would be more preferable? Do let me know your wishes because I know one or two participants are eyeing up that Sunday spot.

And there’s more… in the Enlightenment Transmission pipeline but let’s all receive what this weekend brings!

Right Royal Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana

The Enlightenment Transmission
Teacher Call

Saturday 28th November 2015

Helsinki 8pm - London 6pm
NYC 1pm - Chicago 12 noon - LA 10am
Sydney 5am

‘The Inner Intimate Space Where You Can Fully Receive The Enlightenment Transmission’

When life sucks, what's left to suck? ... (today's fortune cookie)

The Enlightenment Transmission is infinite in every way: infinite in itself and inexhaustible in its capacity to give. How then can a pintsize body and a pea-sized mind possibly drink up the infinite ocean of bliss that the Enlightenment Transmission confers upon its recipients?

For the answer, we have to enquire within because that’s where the Enlightenment Transmission loading bays are. Now if we look inside what do we find? Brains, organs and inner cavities. But it’s not there that the Enlightenment Transmission is going to reside, surely. How about the mind, would Enlightenment Transmission reside there? Nice idea – but, no, not there. This something far more intimate, far more you. It’s your very inner, intimate space. But what is it? It’s so intimate, so inner that most people don’t even know that they have it. And perhaps this is one of the reasons why people don’t get Enlightened. Because they don’t know where to receive their Enlightenment, they don’t know where to receive their Enlightenment Transmission.

In this online class we’re going to get very familiar with your inner, intimate space – after which you will know that you have one. And the purpose of all this inner exploration is? Why it’s to ensure that you not only get your recommended daily dose of Enlightenment Transmission but you have enough surplus to share with your hangout buddies. So, you wanna make your way over to the Enlightenment Transmission Ice Cream Parlour this weekend? Okay, then meet me online for the Enlightenment Transmission Teacher Call this Saturday for 'The Inner Intimate Space Where You Can Fully Receive The Enlightenment Transmission'.


Excerpts from 'Maximise Your Daily Dose of Enlightenment Transmission'

"We must remember that space is in fact the seeker."

"How much Enlightenment Transmission can a person receive?"

"It follows from Archimedes’ Principle that to get something new, a suitable space has to be created. The space determines how much Enlightenment Transmission a seeker can receive and assimilate."

Enlightenment-Now because time is running out

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