Ophelia Dingbatter's News, Aug 14, 2019 (Kid safe email test)

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Ophelia Dingbatter's News
NO Sermon here, not for church, just jokes and fun for adults.
Good Morning, John! Today is Wednesday, August 14 (`v) Ophelia Renew / Upgrade
____________________________________________________ This version is just for testing your email, whether you COULD receive my newsletter or not. If you DO receive this, then you can subscribe to the full version. To keep out little kids, the full version costs one dollar a month or ten dollars a year. PayPal does the age check. You can even use credit or debit cards at PayPal if you don't have a PayPal account yet. Subscribe to the FULL version! _____________________________________________________ Here is ONE of the many jokes from the full version: _____________________________________________________ 6 HOW FAST CAN YOU GUESS THESE WORDS? 1. B o o _ s 2. _ _ n d o m 3. F _ _ k 4. P _ n _ s 5. P u _ s _ Answers Below, Don't cheat Answers: 1. Books also Boots 2. Random 3. Fork also Fink, Funk 4. Pants also Panes, Pines, Ponys, 5. Pulse also Purse You got all 5 wrong DIDN'T YOU! ===================================================== Enjoy! (`v) Ophelia ======================================================
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Enjoy! Ophelia ----------------------------------------- ---------ooooO----------------------- ---------( )-------Ooooo-------. ----------\ (---------( )-------- -----------\ \---------) /---------- ----------- \ _)--------/ /------------ -----------------------(_ /-------------- -----------------------------------------
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