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Editor’s note: Occasionally, we come across ideas that we simply have to forward to you. This one comes courtesy of our friend Ryan Dinse at Exponential Stock Investor.

Dear Reader,

Ryan Dinse here.

If you Google me, you’ll see my stock research wheelhouse in recent years has been predominantly in the tech space.

That’s why I named my newsletter Exponential Stock Investor.

We’ve made it our business to look for technology ‘collisions’ that can potentially lead to exponential gains.

Look, I won’t be shy about it.

We’re good.

The average gain across all my picks in the last 12 months sits at 78%.

If you’ve gone over other comparable stock newsletter portfolios, you’ll know how good that is.

But sometimes when sweeping changes occur, you need to pivot your strategy.

Even if it’s making you lots of money.

Strategies don’t stay winning forever.

This note to you today heralds just such a pivot.

It’ll flummox some of my long-term readers who are really into the tech stocks that have made us, in some cases, hundreds of percent.

But I don’t care. We have to stay one step ahead of the market.

The market is all about tech right now.

So we need to brainstorm what happens next

I’m seeing a really, REALLY big investing sea change you need to get your head around right now. If you do, and if I’m right, I think you’ll thank me in spades for this heads-up a year from now.

In this report, I’ll share all the research I’ve found on this over the last few months.

And I’ll explain why I think we could see even more exciting returns over the next 12 months…IF this pivot proves successful.

That’s a big ‘if’.

I might be wrong.

And I’m stretching my comfort zone here in terms of the kind of stocks I usually analyse.

But you should check this out and make your own call.

And pay close scrutiny to the one stock I’m backing because of this thesis.

Click here to see what it is.


Ryan Dinse Signature

Ryan Dinse,
Editor, Exponential Stock