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4 March 2015
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The Upper James River Water Trail

 • DriLite Cove Sack by Seattle Sports
 • Swing EX kayak by Innova
 • WetSox by Wetsox
by: Out-Island Explorers

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 • Polar Plunge: Kayaking the icy Great Falls
 • Solar-powered E-Kayak introduced
 • Taking to the sea on plastic bottle kayaks
 • Featured Product:
Paddle. Live. t-shirt
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iPad / Kindle Waterproof Cases

by Aquapac
Kayak Re-Enter & Roll Self-Rescue
Mike Aronoff takes a look at how to do this valuable self-rescue technique which doesn't require you to climb on top of the boat after a capsize. If you have the ability to roll, it's very simple. However, if you lack the ability (or confidence) in a roll, then you can still do a re-enter and roll by using a paddle float. Mike demonstrates both methods in this short video. Original Hats - Only $15.95

The Canoe Cross Bow Draw Stroke
The Cross Bow Draw is a stroke primarily used with forward momentum. It's used by the bow paddler of a tandem canoe or a solo paddler to turn the boat on its off side. Watch this short video to see the dynamic effects that this stroke can cause and see the proper technique to execute this canoe stroke.

Desserts for Paddlers
What could be more satisfying than a yummy cookie, a chocolate truffle or a piece of cheesecake after a long day in the great outdoors? Still for many paddlers who like to plan multiday trips, sweet-tooth options seem limited to canned pudding or fruit in a cup. Food columnist Anne L. Desjardins heard their silent complaint and addresses the issue.

New Product Announcement
Aruba 10 SS Recreational kayak by Sun Dolphin

Experience the water like never before in the Aruba 10 SS. This stylish and affordable kayak comes in a variety of colors and provides a stable, smooth ride for anyone from first time riders to seasoned pros. Amenities include hands-free electronics console (Bluetooth speaker and dry bag optional), large open cockpit with adjustable padded seat, removable P.A.C. for extra storage, shock cord deck rigging, protective thigh pads, paddle holder, adjustable foot braces and carrying handles.
Enter the 3-Boat Sweepstakes! is giving you the chance to win one of three great boats in the latest sweepstakes. The boats are: a SpitFire canoe from Placid Boatworks, a Borneo SOT kayak from BIC Sport, a GPX kayak or a V10 surfski from Epic Kayaks. These boats also come packaged with PFDs from MTI Adventurewear, gear bags from SealLine, boat racks from Talic, mosquito screens from Skeeter Beater, and other boat accessories from Danuu Paddle Sport. Congratulations to Sue Tait from Silverthorne, CO who won a 2015 Perks membership just for entering the contest this past week!
In The Same Boat: Leather Boot Maintenance
Leather boots used to be a common sight in the backcountry. But synthetic fabrics and rubber have now displaced leather from its former pedal preeminence. Still, Tamia thinks that nothing beats leather for off-trail rambles in rough country. Fortunately, "The Care and Feeding of Leather Boots" is pretty straightforward. And it's the subject of Tamia's latest column for In the Same Boat. So go ahead: Put your best foot forward. Check it out!
Trips Directory Spotlight
Paradise Islands (Belize)
by Island Expeditions
Sea Kayak, snorkel, sail and SUP from island to island on Belize's only lodge-to-lodge kayaking journey in the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve.
Product Review Spotlight
Eagle canoe by Grumman Canoes
This canoe has handled 5-7ft waves, some pretty good rapids, paddles easily on lakes, with the help of a good polish. This canoe can go many more generations with care. Not affected by UV light, seemingly unaffected by constant stresses, and gets dents and scratches rather than holes when meeting rocks. Just bought a second one so others can join the fun.... Rating 9 of 10 by Eric
Read more reviews or get more info on the Eagle canoe.
Add Your Own Kayak, Canoe or Gear Review
How to Surf a Kayak... and Laugh
Funny video with "tips" on surfing your kayak in the ocean; including demonstrations of how to get to the water, like the "DIBBS" technique (Dog Itchy Bum Bum Style) and "JIARS" (Jockey in a Race Style).

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