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16 September 2015
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by: Terry Mossman

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Paddling Gloves

by Black Lagoon Products
Sneak Peak - This Is The Roll 2 - DVD Pre-Sale!
Award-winning filmmaker, Justine Curgenven, is releasing her latest DVD that has been five years in the making! Expert, in-depth instruction on 22 different Greenland-style rolls. Watch the trailer, plus get free shipping on this dvd and all dvds in the store. A great combo pack is available with over 5 hours of rolling instruction for your skill building benefit.

New Listing: uKai Kayak Ltd.See these modular kayaks recently added to the Buyers Guide and search the hundreds of boats listed there to find the right one for you!
Kayak Rolling Practice on Dry Land
Gordon Brown features a teaching session in this video clip that can help you spot areas you may need to work on. This short clip focuses on Body Movement and shoulder position during the roll. Watch his students as they practice these movements on dry land.

How to Keep Food Cold on Camping Trips
There's something about packing a few fresh luxury food items that can really add to an extended paddling trip. Kevin Callan has a few suggestions in his latest article about how to keep fresh food from going bad on a longer expedition. Using dry ice and wrapping perishable meat in cheese cloth are a few of the options. There's also a humorous little video he made to illustrate a few of his points.

New Product Announcement
Nomad kayak by Dagger

The new Nomad combines the predictability and forgiveness of the original series with modern creeking refinements. The redesigned displacement hull carries more speed, and the added volume and rocker allows for resurfacing in the stoutest conditions. The new Nomads also come in a true large, medium, and small version, for all paddler sizes. Add the strength, safety and comfort of ConTour Ergo outfitting and you have quite simply the greatest creekboat on the market, ready for any adventure, anywhere. 3-Boat Sweepstakes!
The current sweepstakes features three great boats for you to register to win: a Cruise 12 Angler kayak from Jackson Kayaks, an Explorer 14.6 DLX canoe from Pelican International, or a Strait 140xe kayak from Elie Kayak. The boat prizes all come packaged with other valuable items such as kayak/canoe sails from WindPaddle Sails, anchor systems from Squid Anchor, PFDs from NRS, paddles from Bending Branches or Aqua-Bound, and safety decals and boat lights from Illumarine. Congratulations to Donald Phillips from Phelps, NY who won a Small Stormproof Compact Camera Pouch from Aquapac just for entering this past week!
In The Same Boat: Not Your Usual Stuff On Toast
For most Canoe Country paddlers, summer will soon be a memory, with winter's snow and ice a looming presence, edging closer with every passing hour. But the year's best days lie just ahead. So make the most of them. And don't worry about what you'll have to eat when you return from a trip. Instead, check out Tamia's latest suggestions. You'll be sitting down to a home-cooked dinner "In Short Order." Details? They're at In the Same Boat. That's Alimentary, right?
Multi-Sport Trips
Do more than kayak on your next excursion... like snorkel, hike, bird watching, fishing, photography, etc. Check out these trips that mix it up.

Florida Keys Adventure - by Big Pine Kayak Adventures
Costa Rica: Paddling Paradise - by SOAR
Nevada's Eldorado Gold - by Desert Adventures

See these and many more great trips at:

Product Review Spotlight
Prowler Big Game II by Ocean Kayak
This Kayak has everything you need for fishing, or just a day out paddling. Pros: Very stable, plenty of storage, Element seating system is very comfortable, comes with Mod Pod to mount all your electronics and extra rod holders or other accessories... I am 6 foot 250lbs and am very comfortable on this Yak... Rating 10 of 10 by jl584x
Read more reviews or get more info on the Prowler Big Game II kayak.

Submit Your Review to Win a Kayak or Canoe!
Updated Android Map App
Check out our updated Launch Map app for Android! On it, you can find over 21,000 launch sites and add your own favorite Launch to share with others. There's also an iPhone version with the same features and information!
Don't have a smartphone? You can still find the same information this phone app contains on the launch map webpage.

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