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28 October 2015
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Cascade Creek

 • Kahuna PFD by Stohlquist
 • Mantra kayak by Seaward Kayaks
 • All Terrain+ battery charger by MyCharge
by: MariaK

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 • Angler catches limit of King Mackerel from a kayak
 • Unmanned Kayak Helps Scientists in Rhode Island
 • The Spell of the Yukon River Quest
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Touring Kayak Paddles

by H2O Paddles
The Kayak Stroke: Finesse over Power
Although directed at women kayakers, this video dispels two misconceptions about the kayak stroke that men should also heed. What the stroke comes down to is really about finesse and not so much about strength. Anna Levesque gives some important insights of torso rotation and plant-and-rotate techniques, basic skills that are very helpful for every single paddle stroke you'll learn. Check it out.

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Crane Creek Kayaks Added to Accessories Guide
Crane Creek Kayaks has designed and patented an innovative stabilizing system for canoes and kayaks. Now you can check out their unique Styrigger product along with the tons of other paddling gear in the Accessories Guide.

How to Car-Top a Canoe
Strapping a 14 to 18 foot canoe to the roof of your car can be a real recipe for disaster. This short video addresses the technique for lifting, the ever important tie-down, and discusses the different options available to transport canoes on top of a car or truck.

New Product Announcement
uKai Modular kayaks by Ukai Kayaks, Ltd.

uKai kayaks come in 5 or 3 pieces, making them easy to stack up, transport, and store. These water-crafts can be quickly placed on the back seat of a compact sedan car, without the hassles of a roof rack. You can easily tote your packed kayak into small storage, an elevator, or your apartment. Only 1 minute is needed to assemble the plastic recreational kayak "Freedom" and 3 minutes for the fiberglass ocean kayak "Adventurer". Sweepstakes!
Enter the new sweepstakes from which features three great boats! The boats you can register daily to win are: a Journey 14 kayak from Jackson Kayak, a Prospector 15 SP3 canoe from Nova Craft Canoe, and a Freedom modular kayak package from Ukai Kayak. The boat prizes all come packaged with other valuable items such as locking cables from Lasso Security Cables, PFDs from MTI Adventurewear, portable coolers from IceMule, and storage systems from Talic. Congratulations to Bill Spring of St. Paul, MN who won a Small Stormproof Compact Camera Pouch from Aquapac just for entering this past week!
In The Same Boat: The Ubiquitous Chipmunk
In most of Canoe Country, the chipmunk is a ubiquitous campsite companion. And as such, he's taken for granted. Tell your buddies that you've seen a moose or a bear or a wolverine, and they'll all want to hear the story. Tell them you've seen a chipmunk, and they'll say, "So what!" But Tamia's been "Hanging Out With Chipmunks" lately, and you might be surprised at what she's learned. She's got pictures, too. They're at In the Same Boat. Check 'em out.
Trips Directory Spotlight
Paradise Islands - Belize
by Island Expeditions
Sea Kayak, snorkel, sail and SUP from island to island on Belize's only lodge-to-lodge kayaking journey in the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve.
Product Review Spotlight
RapidFire canoe by Placid Boatworks
Recently on a canoe camping trip in the Adirondacks, I easily packed everything I needed to camp for three days, including 15 firewood logs, with no loss of stability and room to spare. It's so fast that I could speed from shore to shore in the fairly large lakes in seconds, and it easily outpaced my friend who was paddling another brand of solo canoe... Rating 10 of 10
Read more reviews or get more info on this canoe.
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