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21 October 2015
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by: Steve Harper

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 • Whale Scares Paddler
 • Kayakers survive crocodile-infested waters in Africa
 • Finding Fall on the Chippewa
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How to Land a Kayak in a Surf Zone
Making a controlled landing in a surf zone is one of the most difficult things to do. This short video gives some tips on how to successfully land a sea kayak on shore through the waves. It also gives some advice on organizing a group landing. Learn from this educational video, then chuckle at a few failed surf zone landing videos we found on YouTube...

Fall Canoeing in Algonquin
Fall in Algonquin is a spectacular sight to behold. However, when the colours are peaking, the canoeing crowds can be out in full force. In this video trip report, Brad Jennings ventures off the well worn trails in the Algonquin Provincial Park (Central Ontario) to remote Boot Lake where he finds beauty, solitude, and a few portages in need of repair.

The New Sweepstakes!
Enter the new sweepstakes from which features three great boats! The boats you can register daily to win are: a Journey 14 kayak from Jackson Kayak, a Prospector 15 SP3 canoe from Nova Craft Canoe, and a Freedom modular kayak package from Ukai Kayak. The boat prizes all come packaged with other valuable items such as locking cables from Lasso Security Cables,PFDs from MTI Adventurewear, portable coolers from IceMule, and storage systems from Talic.
In The Same Boat: The Benefits of Green Tea
Paddlers are divided into two competing camps. Some are tea-drinkers. Others are coffee-drinkers. And never the twain shall meet. Until they do. After all, many of us drink both tea and coffee with equal pleasure. This describes Tamia, in fact, and of all the teas she's drunk, she likes the green teas best. What about it? Are you ready to "Go Green"? Then read Tamia's latest column for In the Same Boat.
Find a Warm Water Paddling Trip
Now is the time to plan your winter paddling destination trip! Here are three suggestions for some warm water paddling locations!
Tanzania - Safari & Kayak Adventure - by Infinite Safari Adventures
Panama - San Blas Archipelago - by Southern Sea Ventures
Costa Rica - Golfo Dulce 5 Day Trip - by Tropical Sea Kayaking

See these and many more great trips at:
Product Review Spotlight
Discovery 158 canoe by Old Town
Going on year 25 with my 158. It still looks great. I've had to refinish the wood cross supports twice in those 25 years, but the wood is still good and looks great with the new finish. This is a very stable canoe that can haul camping gear. I like to fish out of it as well. With excited kids in the front, I have never flipped. If you are looking for a fast, agile canoe, this isn't it. If you want a safe durable and easy to control canoe, buy the 158... Rating 10 of 10 by SP
Read more reviews or get more info on this canoe.

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