PaddleNews: Whale Nearly Crushes Kayakers; Lining Your Canoe

3 years ago

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23 September 2015
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by: Annette B.

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Touring Paddles

by Werner Paddles
Shirt Special - Buy 2, Get 1 Free!
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The popular Shirt Special has returned! Right now, when you buy two t-shirts; long-sleeve, short sleeve, wicking, fleece, whatever - you'll get a third one of equal or lesser value for free. Simply add any three shirts to your shopping cart - including the low-priced clearance t-shirts! There are over 45 shirts to choose from, so mix and match any three and save! Ladies, don't forget that we have several great shirts just for you!

Using a Kayak Rudder
Believe it or not, the main purpose of a rudder isn't to turn a kayak - many beginning kayakers may not realize this. So what does a rudder do? This short video explains the true purpose of a rudder, How and When to use it, and if it is really necessary to have one on your kayak. It also provides a good explanation on the physics of weathercocking.

Lining a Canoe with a Single Rope
Alv Elvestad was on a recent group canoe trip on an arctic wilderness river were they did a lot of lining because of high water levels. He got to observe and experiment with what worked well and what did not. Read this article to get his ideas on the process of guiding your canoe on a rapid from the shore with a solo rope.

New Product Announcement
Rigid Inflatable Travel Canoe by Sea Eagle

16' High Pressure All Drop Stitch Inflatable Canoe provides excellent benefits impossible of traditional canoes: more stable, weighs 60 lbs., packs in a bag, fits in a car trunk with plenty room to spare, can be checked as luggage, inherently more buoyant, unsinkable, far easier to re-enter should you fall overboard and excellent in whitewater (ideal for up to class 4). With added layers of extra protective fabric covering, this canoe is nearly indestructible and still remarkably fast on open water. Take this canoe anywhere!

Two Weeks Left in the 3-Boat Sweepstakes!
The current sweepstakes ends October 8th! It features three great boats for you to register to win: a Cruise 12 Angler kayak from Jackson Kayaks, an Explorer 14.6 DLX canoe from Pelican International, or a Strait 140xe kayak from Elie Kayak. The boat prizes all come packaged with other valuable items such as kayak/canoe sails from WindPaddle Sails, anchor systems from Squid Anchor, PFDs from NRS, paddles from Bending Branches or Aqua-Bound, and safety decals and boat lights from Illumarine. Congratulations to K Clough from Madison, WI who won a Small Stormproof Compact Camera Pouch from Aquapac just for entering this past week!
In The Same Boat: Groundsheets for Camping
Groundsheets are important to any paddler who wants to sleep dry and get the most out of a tent, but Tamia didn't think there was a great deal more to say about them. So she figured her earlier column had pretty much "Covered the Ground." Her readers soon proved her wrong, however, and Tamia's latest article for In the Same Boat is the result. Is there anything more to add? Read it and decide for yourself.
Trips Directory Spotlight
Gulf Islands of Southwest Florida
by Kayak Voyagers
Your mothership is calling you. Vacation in Florida this winter.
Product Review Spotlight
Carolina 14 kayak by Perception
With rudder keeps tracking very true in ocean. With foot pegs placement, adjustment is easy, seat is comfortable and paddling many hours is a reality. I still need to get a whole day paddling and some overnights, but I've had numerous outings and all positive with this model. Enjoyable. Affordable in new or used that I've seen around... Rating 9 of 10 by J
Read more reviews or get more info on the Carolina 14 kayak.
Submit Your Review to Win a Kayak or Canoe!
Humpback Whale Nearly Crushes Kayakers
In case you missed it, this viral video shows tandem kayakers paddling through a large pod of humpback whales and experience a very dangerous situation as one whale launches its body into a full breach and appears to land on top of them.

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