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1 April 2015
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by: Giacomo Della Gatta

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 • Girls break into home for help after canoe sinks
 • High School student uses computer to build dream canoe
 • Michigan water trail featured with Google Street View
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Kayak SailRig

by WindPaddle Sails
Aquaglide Kayak Added to Buyers Guide
Located at the heart of the scenic Columbia River Gorge in Washington, the people behind Aquaglide have been developing products and sharing their passion for the water since 1995. Now you can check out their line of inflatable kayaks and compare their boats with the many other boats available to research in the Buyers' Guide.

It's Back: Buy 2 Shirts, Get 1 Free

Sea Kayaking in Wind & Weather
When sea kayakers talk about conditions, they'll usually have wind in mind - a tailwind is fun to paddle with, but a headwind is just plain laborious. Then there's the angling wind... This video is a brief overview that addresses dealing with the wind. It also touches on predicting wind, weathercocking and using a rudder, and some simple advice about paddling in fog.

Tracking a Canoe Upwind
Tracking a canoe refers to guiding it against a current/wind, with the aid of ropes (lines) attached to the bow and stern. In this tutorial video, Dave Rossetter demonstrates how to track your canoe against strong winds from a shoreline in Scotland. He shows how and where to tie your lines and how to properly trim the canoe for tracking.

New Product Announcement
Wasatch Canoe by Emotion

Produced in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountain range in Utah, the 13' Emotion Wasatch Canoe is the largest blow-molded canoe on the market! Constructed of durable UV-protected High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the Wasatch features three ergonomic blow-molded seats which provide additional buoyancy along with two adjustable/removable seatbacks for comfort. Our innovative skeg wheel assists with tracking and transportation and the included motor mount bracket is rated for use with an electric motor with a thrust rating of 40 lb.
Final Week for the Kayak/Canoe Sweepstakes!
This is the final week for you to register to win one of three great boats: a Borneo SOT kayak from BIC Sport, a SpitFire canoe from Placid Boatworks, a GPX kayak or a V10 surfski from Epic Kayaks. These boats also come packaged with PFDs from MTI Adventurewear, gear bags from SealLine, boat racks from Talic, mosquito screens from Skeeter Beater, and other boat accessories from Danuu Paddle Sport. Congratulations to Barry Pool from Southeast, MI who won a 2015 Paddling Perks membership just for entering the contest this past week!
In The Same Boat: Readers Write on Water Safety
As so often happens, the quarterly In the Same Boat column reserved for readers' letters hits the aether just as Canoe Country teeters on the cusp between two seasons. And with all of us now itching to get out on the water again after several months of enforced shore leave, but with ice still on the mountain ponds and sheltered bays, this is a good time to talk safety. So safety's the subject this week at "Our Readers Write." Check it out. And stay safe.
Trips Directory Spotlight
Luxury Base Camp Kayak Tour (BC)
by Go With The Flow Adventures
This remote wilderness luxury base camp is located in the Discovery Islands, British Columbia. The central location allows you to explore three unique provincial marine parks and return to the comfortable base camp each evening.
Product Review Spotlight
Cuda 14 kayak by Jackson Kayak
The Cuda tracks well without a rudder and has good speed for a kayak that gives you the ability to stand. The Elite seat 2.0 is a major selling point for me because I stay dry and comfortable all day without any back soreness. I can carry plenty of gear in the center storage hatch and you can add or remove accessories without drilling into the kayak thanks to the Yak Attack gear tracks. Great American made product... Rating 10 of 10 by Sonny Mills
Read more reviews or get more info on the Cuda 14 kayak.
Add Your Own Kayak, Canoe or Gear Review
Tug-O-War Canoe??
What do you think? Probably not the next Olympic sport, but fun nonetheless... Teams of six faceoff in one oversized war canoe in a swimming pool with an established middle line. Then Paddle On!

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