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Go see Van Gogh Munch - sneakpeak winter in Holland and many more
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Amazing autumn
Dear reader,
What is your plan for this autumn? Visit Holland and discover one of the oldest cities; Nijmegen or Arnhem near the beautiful region of Veluwe. Both cities are just a 1.5 hour drive from Amsterdam. And have you ever thought about going on safari in Holland? Spot the wildlife this season at De Hoge Veluwe National Park! Plus, this month we give you a sneak peak to the magic of wintertime in Holland. We hope to welcome you soon!
2 citytrips for this autumn:
The oldest town in Holland boasts culture, history and nature.
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Visit Arnhem, the capital of Gelderland and discover the rich history, inspiring museums, it's fashion quarter and the great restaurants.
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Experience nature
Safaris and wildlife spotting at De Hoge Veluwe National Park
Of all the ways to become acquainted with the natural life of De Hoge Veluwe, the most fun way is by going on a safari. The safari's vary every month to match the wildlife season.
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Good morning!
Holland is home to many scenic areas and national parks with great walking tracks. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Dutch nature at it's greenest and most varied.
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Accommodation tips selected for you
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Editor's tip: go see Munch & Van Gogh
Visit the Van Gogh Museum to discover the remarkable links between the work and lives of Van Gogh and Munch.
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Sneak preview: winter in Holland
We like to make things extra warm and cosy during the dark days of the year. Check out our top tips.
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Best regards,
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