Playtime is over: The new moon in Virgo puts business ahead of pleasure

5 months ago

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Hi friend,
No matter your sign, the new moon in Virgo means getting down to business. Playtime is over as you keep your head down and work toward accomplishing your goals. Your sharp mind and eye for detail are your major assets. You’re constantly evaluating and analyzing things, making major improvements and becoming more efficient and effective along the way.
However, don’t get so set in your ways and intent on following the rules in these next few days that you don’t take some time for yourself. Although improving your health and accomplishing detail-oriented tasks are at the top of your lengthy to-do list, you should still make time for the things you enjoy.
How we enjoy ourselves differs wildly from one person to the next, but we all have one thing in common: the aspiration to live our best life. Your Birth Chart is an extremely helpful tool to help you identify not only what you’re good at, but also what you need work on. Isn’t reaching our greatest potential the goal we’re all working toward? Don’t miss out on the exciting information your Birth Report will reveal!

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