PM EDITION: MP's volunteer 'stalked Georgina Downer' | SA property values soar | Crows sweat on Gibbs

23 days ago

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A campaign volunteer for Centre Alliance MP Rebekha Sharkie has been sacked after SA Police laid charges over allegations he stalked her political opponent Georgina Downer.If you cannot read this email please click here

Centre Alliance volunteer ‘stalked’ Georgina Downer

A campaign volunteer for Centre Alliance MP Rebekha Sharkie has been sacked after SA Police laid charges over allegations he stalked her political opponent Georgina Downer. Read more

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We’re home to Australia’s hottest housing market

Adelaide property values continue their climb to a new historic high, despite cooling markets in the nation’s eastern suburbs — and there’s one suburb in particular that is red hot for...

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Kouts, Djite and white-line fever

The Liberal’s Labor echo on Keith Hospital, plus whatever happened to i360, the voter-harvesting technology that was supposed to give the Libs the edge? And fight, fight, fight. Tom Koutsa...

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Would you adopt a greyhound this Sunday?

Every dog has its day — but you could make a greyhound’s life by adopting one of the 30 former racers that are up for adoption this Sunday.

Identity of Parkside ‘rapist’ finally revealed

A northern suburbs man has denied breaking into a sleeping woman’s Parkside home and raping her – meaning his identity can finally be revealed.

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Video of the Day

Samsung has been forced into an embarrassing decision about its brand new smartphone after reviewers noticed a huge issue.

Video:  Samsung Galaxy: Fold or Flop?



Crows sweat on Gibbs ahead of Saints clash

Adelaide coach Don Pyke says he will give Bryce Gibbs every chance to recover from a bout of gastro and reveals his thoughts about public comments from axed forward Josh Jenkins.

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Huge warning sign for Australia

It might sound like a good thing, but this plunging number means something has gone horribly wrong with Australia’s economy.

Hollywood art meets SA political dynasty

Victoria Hill hails from a Liberal political dynasty — but instead of following her father into a political career, she forged her own way as an actress and Hollywood producer. Now it’s ...

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Otter delight at Adelaide Zoo

PUPDATE: The Adelaide Zoo has two new residents in its otter den — but the public won’t catch a glimpse of them for a little while yet.

Test of loyalties as Reds locked in for Sunday home final

Adelaide United will face the fifth-placed A-League club at Hindmarsh Stadium on May 5. But allegiances of Reds fans will be tested with the elimination final to overlap with a Crows AFL hom...

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Australia’s 10 craziest burgers

Australia’s demand for hideously overloaded burger combinations is growing — and there’s a new trend that’s spreading from Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and beyond. SEE THE...

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Key GoT character ‘hiding in plain sight’

Melisandre has not even been referenced in the new Game of Thrones series — but a shock theory suggests she’s right there among the action.

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