Poshmark Pushes Into Home Goods | The Little Black Dress Gets An AI Upgrade | Kroger Enters The CBD Sales Craze

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Poshmark's Home Offerings; Plus, Computer-Designed Fashion; And Kroger's CBD Goods
June 12, 2019
Perfecting Fashion Classics With Advanced AI

The little black dress is the starting point for many a wardrobe — and, as it happens, for burgeoning fashion firm Glitch. It was also the ideal starting point for their fashion-iterating AI tool. The computer-designed dress is the first of many planned projects, and despite appearances, Glitch says its tools are about helping designers, not replacing them. Here’s why.

Digital Marketplaces
Why Goodwill Is Tapping Into Digital Marketplaces

Goodwill organizations from New York to San Francisco are teaming up with mobile marketplace OfferUp to put their merchandise in front of shoppers through eCommerce while supporting their missions. Here’s how the organizations are tapping into tools to list their merchandise on the platform – and how they are harnessing other technology to encourage online sales in the digital age.  Read More...

Subscription Commerce Tracker
How Streaming Subscriptions Innovate With Payments And Content

The number of companies providing streaming entertainment and online news is on the rise — bringing with it both consumer choice and competition. According to the latest PYMNTS Subscription Commerce Tracker, the global market for subscriptions is forecast to have a value of more than $500 billion by 2019. Find out how subscription services are innovating with content and payments.  Read More...

Today In Data
Securing Digital Identities In The Information Age

Customers largely prioritize convenience over safety with authentication, while pressuring FIs and merchants to offer convenient user experiences that don’t compromise on security. How is digital identity becoming more important in the information age, and how are consumers and providers struggling to keep their identities secure?  Read More...

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