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published 11/02/2011
Herman Cain: The Front-Running Non-StarterOct 31, 2011 09:42 pm | Phil

It was always absurd to take Herman Cain seriously as a contender for the GOP nomination. This is not because the African-American CEO of Godfather Pizza is black nor because he runs a mafia-themed fast-food restaurant chain. It is because Herman Cain himself doesn’t take his White House seriously. Despite his ostensible co-front-runner status, Cain’s current ...

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How did the NY Times let this metaphor crawl on to its esteemed pagesOct 30, 2011 12:40 am | Phil

Drew Westen is  a stupendous bullshit artist who tries to apply what he claims to know about psychology to what he claims to know about politics, which in both cases I suspect is a great many miles removed from what he actually knows about either. For some reason, the usually wonderful NY Times has a ...

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Is Robert Mukombozi the world’s worst journalist?Oct 30, 2011 12:38 am | Phil

The brilliant American comedian, George Carlin (may he  RIP), used to make this observation: Somewhere in the world is the world’s worst doctor. And what’s truly terrifying is that someone has an appointment with him tomorrow morning. As the old cliche goes, it’s funny cos it’s true.  Same with airline pilots or orthopedic surgeons, right? ...

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AFP’s Rwanda “source” not shy about his gargantuan God complexOct 28, 2011 08:01 am | Phil

I screamed loudly on Twitter earlier in the week about the publication of a story by French news agency AFP that quoted a Facebook status update of a sacked former staff member of Rwandan President Paul Kagame accusing him of a war crime as if the social media venting of a disgruntled ex-employee is somehow newsworthy. ...

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ReignspottingOct 26, 2011 10:39 pm | Phil

I saw the Queen and Prince Phillip drive past on St George’s Terrace, Perth, yesterday. There was much ooohhing and ahhing around me, and I have to admit to being tickled, a reaction that appalled me. What am I? A radical republican of Irish stock or Pavlov’s imperialist dog? Anyway, she looked nothing like Helen ...

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