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1 month ago
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Danone opens access to collection of 1,800 strains
A hundred years after creating its first yogurt, Danone has announced it will open its collection of 1,800 strains for research purposes... Read
DuPont to manufacture novel probiotic strain for clinical trial on sepsis in Bangladeshi infants
DuPont is manufacturing a new probiotic strain for use in an upcoming large-scale clinical study in Bangladesh, which will test the effects of probiotics on gut microbiome of infants with sepsis... Read
European patent granted for long-life softgel capsule for probiotics and oil
Ayanda, the European HQ of the Sirio Group, has secured a European patent for its softgel capsules able to contain an active probiotic bacteria alongside oil, therefore reducing the number of dosages needed to reach supplement needs... Read
Designer prebiotics are the future of food and microbiome modulation, says expert
Designer prebiotics have greater potential than probiotics to be able to modify our microbiomes and improve our long-term health, according to the founder and CEO of a trailblazing life science firm... Read


We want to hear from you for our Scientific Frontiers sessions & for Probiota Pioneers!
Are you interested in presenting your latest state-of-the-art developments related to prebiotic, probiotic and microbiome science relevant to human health, well-being, consumers and industry? If so, we would like to hear from you!.. Read
Arabinoxylan prebiotic from food waste set to debut in North American markets
Canadian company Comet Bio has earned recognition for its method of up cycling agricultural waste into functional ingredients, including a new prebiotic and a low calorie sweetener... Read
Probiotic strain makes use of gut-brain axis to aid stress management, study finds
A probiotic strain of Bifidobacterium longum appears to improve the ability to respond and cope with stress as research provides more proof of the bidirectional communication between the gut and brain... Read


 WATCH: Regulatory scrutiny places emphasis on probiotic mechanisms of action
Do we need to know a probiotics mechanism of action? Its a question posed by DuPont Nutrition and Healths Dr Arthur Ouwehand as he took to the stage at Probiota... Watch now
Study hails chitin-glucans prebiotic ability to shape bifidobacterial gut communities
Chitin-glucan (CG) is an effective novel prebiotic, say researchers who believe this compound could supplement the diet to boost bifidobacteria numbers and their benefits to gut health... Read
The Microbiome Through the Life Stages: Life Stage Probiotics in a Digital World - Lumina Intelligence
Discover the Significance of sIgA for Immunity - LEHVOSS Nutrition– Gee Lawson
Gastro-AD: A Natural Solution for Digestive Discomfort - Lallemand Bio-Ingredients
VitaMK7: the only European vitamin K2 as MK7 produced through a Reliable Supply Chain - GNOSIS-USA-Inc
Epicor®: Prebiotic & Immune Benefits in a 500mg daily dose - LEHVOSS Nutrition– Gee Lawson
The KGK Augmented RCT© - KGK Science, Inc.
Clinical Trials Roadmap: A Go-To-Market Guide for Probiotics - Nutrasource
New data of probiotics supporting adult immune health - Biosearch Life
Mother’s milk selects Bifidobacteria in the infant gut - Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
How Polyphenols enhance probiotic benefits - Berry Pharma
UAS Labs' Probiotic Superstrain Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242 (LRC™) for Heart Health Benefits -
BPL1: A revolutionary clinically proven probiotic for weight management -
For consumers, nutrition goes beyond the purely physical. This opens up entirely new opportunities for manufacturers. - Beneo GmbH
ADM Biopolis
ADM Biopolis core expertise is finding, designing and developing microorganisms for industrial and health-related purposes. To develop ground-breaking products, our R&D is ba.. More details
Biosearch Life
Biosearch Life is a leader in biotechnology with a global innovative vocation. We bring innovation in healthy natural ingredients integrating our research, development, produ.. More details
Gnosis S.p.A.
With over 25 years of experience in microbial fermentation and an international manufacturing network dedicated to high-quality and proprietary products Gnosis is a leading m.. More details
KGK Science, Inc.
KGK Science is the leading contract research organization offering clinical trial services and regulatory consulting for the dietary supplement, functional food, ingredient, .. More details
Lallemand Health Solutions. Quality Probiotics. Complete Solutions.
Lallemand Health Solutions built a successful reputation for more than 80 years in providing probiotic products with solid scientific research, a broad portfolio of regulator.. More details
Lumina Intelligence
Lumina intelligence is an insights service for the food and nutrition growth markets. We observe, analyse and connect key drivers in the food and nutrition markets - tracking.. More details
Stratum Nutrition
Stratum Nutrition is a specialty health ingredient supplier offering a portfolio of branded ingredients developed in collaboration with global partnerships, based on consume.. More details
UAS Laboratories
Founded in 1979, UAS Labs, LLC has delivered the highest quality, science-backed probiotics to the marketplace for more than thirty years. Strictly dedicated to probiotic man.. More details
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