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Meet Drop Shipping:

The new way to run your business

If you haven't heard of drop shipping by now, where have you been hiding?


Drop shipping is a great form of order fulfillment where the manufacturer or distributer ships a product to a customer on your behalf. With the right integration, it can make your store almost completely self-running. Drop shipping allows you to:

Reduce risk as you don't have to commit to buying a large inventory
Offer more choice and more products
Locate your business anywhere
Save money on storage costs

Our friends at Printful offer a fantastic drop shipping system (with no up-front fees) that takes the hard work out of selling online. Check out their free OpenCart module or read more below.


You can now automatically drop ship print products with Printful for your OpenCart store

Outsource your fulfillment with Printful, and never deal with inventory and shipping again.


Printful is an on-demand dropshipping service for print and embroidery products. Simply hook up your OpenCart store, and every time an order comes in, Printful will automatically fulfill and ship that product to your customer.


Hook up your store with Printful, and create a store that takes care of itself. We do that hard stuff, so that you have time for what's important - growing your business.


Why choose Printful:

100% white labelled - we ship everything under your brand
No upfront costs - only pay when an order comes in
No manual orders - everything is automatically sent through and fulfilled
Set your own profit - define the price you pay at to pad your profit

Send in your sample orders and get free worldwide shipping and a 20% discount.


Some stores that are already using Printful with their OpenCart stores:
Gym Posters
Spot me Bro

Try it out

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