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Learn why you should run a win-back campaign and 12 quick takeaways from Amazon Prime Day.
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MarketingSherpa's Audience Favorites from August 3 - August 10, 2015

Email Marketing: Why you should run a win-back campaign (and how CNET engaged 26% of inactives)

Sometimes people fall out of love ... with your newsletters and email marketing. Or change jobs. Or email providers. There are a million reasons why they stop reading and engaging with your emails. This is why email marketers need to run win-back campaigns. Read on to learn more about cleansing your email list.
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Amazon Prime Day: 12 quick takeaways from Amazon’s magnificent train wreck

For those of us interested in marketing, Amazon’s first ever “Prime Day” celebration could not have been more fun to experience. Amazon had practically promised ecommerce Armageddon leading up to the 24-hour event, with “More deals than Black Friday!” As the morning unraveled, however, Prime Day quickly devolved into spectacle as the buying public hammered Amazon for what they perceived as lackluster deals. When planning our promotions or campaigns, here are 12 quick tips we can extract from both the failures and successes of the
now-infamous Prime Day.
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Inbound Marketing: Beef jerky company develops content strategy around brand character to increase social media fans 2,113%

Old Trapper is a traditional brand that needed to modernize along with customers. To reconcile the two ideas, the company created a brand mascot that would embody Old Trapper values but on modern platforms. Learn how the team was able to increase social media engagement 1,400% and social media fans by 2,113% through a content and social media effort dedicated to bringing the brand to life for consumers.
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Book Giveaway

Boss Life by Paul Downs

When columnist Paul Downs was approached by The New York Times to write for their “You’re the Boss” blog, he had been running his custom furniture business for twenty-four years strong, or mostly strong. Now, in his first book, Downs paints an honest portrait of a real business, with a real boss, a real set of employees and the real challenges they face.
He writes about hiring employees, providing motivation to get the best out of them and the difficult decisions he’s made to let some of them go. Downs also looks outward, to his dealings with vendors and to providing each client with exemplary customer service from the first sales pitch to final delivery. He tells the true story behind building and sustaining a successful company in an ever-evolving economy, often airing his own failures and shortcomings to reveal the difficulties that arise from being a boss and a businessperson. Countless employees have told the story of their experience with managers -- Boss Life tells the other side of that story.
The deadline for entries is August 16, 2015.
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+ Last week's book giveaway -- these five lucky marketers will receive a complimentary copy of Winning B2B Marketing by Christopher Ryan.
- Stephanie Senner
- Debra Becker
- Manak Singh
- Paul James
- Tim Younger
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