Reader Favorites: Email marketing, batching and blasting and personalized recommendations

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Discover how to effectively utilize consumer data and the importance of sending emails that are relevant to your customers.
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MarketingSherpa's Audience Favorites from August 10 - August 17, 2015

Email Marketing: How to utilize your consumer data without being creepy

Marketers now have the ability to collect and use an absurd amount of personal consumer data to guide consumers to ideal products and services. Read on to learn how to utilize this information in a way that allows you to market effectively while not encroaching on your customers' privacy.
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Stop Batching and Blasting: An interview from Email Summit 2015

This MarketingSherpa Blog post features a live interview conducted by Erin Hogg, Reporter, MarketingSherpa, with Diana Primeau, Director of Membership Services, CBS Interactive, at Email Summit 2015. Discover why batch and blast emails are dead and how to immediately begin sending emails that are relevant to your customers.
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Ecommerce Chart: The most effective types of personalized product recommendations

According to our 2014 survey of the MarketingSherpa audience, personalization is one of the top questions they want to see researched. Learn about the effects of different personalized product recommendations based on research from 1.5 billion shopping sessions.
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Book Giveaway

Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

A new generation of megabrands like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb and Twitter haven’t spent a dime on traditional marketing. No press releases, no TV commercials, no billboards. Instead, they rely on a new strategy -- growth hacking -- to reach many more people despite modest marketing budgets. Growth hackers have thrown out the old playbook and replaced it with tools that are testable, trackable and scalable. They
believe that products and businesses should be modified repeatedly until they’re primed to generate explosive reactions.
Bestselling author Ryan Holiday explains the new rules and provides valuable examples and case studies for aspiring growth hackers. Whether you work for a tiny start-up or a Fortune 500 giant, if you’re responsible for building awareness and buzz for a product or service, Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising can help.
The deadline for entries is August 23, 2015.
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+ Last week's book giveaway -- these five lucky marketers will receive a complimentary copy of Boss Life by Paul Downs.
- Jason Jennings
- Ed Jones
- Daniel Alfi
- Anupam Srivastava
- Albert Cameron Jr
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