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Recipes (March 14, 2019)Hope you are up for a Pi day pie! A fun way to celebrate the mathematical constant that is generally abbreviated to the number 3.14159 and also the date of Albert Einstein's birthday. Do you have a pie recipe to share?
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Today's Featured Post

Celebrating Pi Day (March 14)

Pi day only comes 'round once a year, so bake a delicious pie to celebrate this wonderfully abstract number. This is a guide about celebrating Pi day (March 14).

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Breakfast Cereal Coffee Cake

By attosa

I'm the only one who eats breakfast cereal in my house. By the time I get to the end of the box, it's not always so fresh. Now I like to incorporate cereal into some of my recipes for a fun twist. This coffee cake has been well accepted. I used a cereal that had dried fruit and clusters with the cornflakes. You can use any type you like.

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Healthier Egg Drop Soup

By Donna

This delicious recipe has flavor and veggies to make it a little heartier then thinner egg drop soup.

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Diabetic Friendly Carrot Cake

By kerly87

Being diabetic and having convenience mixes is difficult, to say the least. I like having mixes ready to go. So I tinkered around with a recipe until it suited my needs.

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Pita Pockets for Packed LunchesI make my lunch the night before I have classes each day. Usually I bring for lunch whatever I have leftover from my dinner. If it doesn't sound appealing, I use Pita bread pockets cut in four quarters and get inventive.

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