RED FLAG! The U.S. Partnering with Iran to Fight ISIS

4 years ago
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Today's AMTV News 9.8.14                        
Why the U.S. is Partnering with Iran to Fight ISIS

In today's video, Christopher Greene analyzes why the U.S. federal government, the CIA and FBI, Republicans and Democrats on both sides of the aisle would be partnering with Iran (a sworn enemy) to fight the new boogeyman ISIS. He postulates that U.S. intelligence underestimated the rise of ISIS, their firepower, brute strength, military prowess and funding capabilities. Although the U.S. is responsible for covertly fostering the growth of ISIS (to help topple Syria), just like they trained Osama bin Laden in the 1980's Soviet War in Afghanistan and helped create Al-Qaeda, they must now go on the offensive with Iran to fight the greater of two evils. What most American's don't realize is that this is the tipping point and a shift in the balance of power to the East that will only lead to a Great War. WATCH THE VIDEO!
NEXT VIDEO... Ray Rice Suspended By Racist NFL for Beating Fiancee
In post-production right now, Christopher Greene takes a facetious look at the Ray Rice beating of his then fiancee at a Atlantic City hotel in February earlier this year. Is three-time Pro Bowler Ray Rice being treated differently by all white NFL comissioner Roger Goodell and Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh because he is BLACK? Where are race-baiters Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton this time? SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES.
Isis Attack America 9/11: What You Need to Know
It is abundantly clear that we are engaged in a gross propaganda campaign by the Obama administration. The mainstream media is on a path to war and it is exactly why the President has begun aggressive airstrikes in Iraq and soon to be Syria. What many Americans don't realize is that this was the planned agenda from the get-go, the President covertly helping to destabilize Iraq-Syria and propel the violent terrorist organization ISIS. America is truly engaged in an epic battle 'a war of worlds' where not only a physical battle is being fought, but spiritual warfare and the very hallmarks of a war between good and evil. Will Isis attack America on 9/11? WATCH NOW.
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Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on US
Two Russian strategic bombers conducted practice cruise missile attacks on the United States during a training mission last week that defense officials say appeared timed to the NATO summit in Wales.
The Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers were tracked flying a route across the northern Atlantic near Iceland, Greenland, and Canada’s northeast. READ MORE.
A Canadian navy frigate taking part in a NATO exercise in the Black Sea was buzzed by three Russian military jets off the southern coast of Ukraine. READ MORE.
Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson abruptly announced he's selling the team because he's guilty of sending an email so racist ... it would make Donald Sterling cringe.
Levenson admits he sent the email to team execs back in 2012, urging them to get more suburban white fans at games. READ MORE.
BOOM! Facebook’s Market Value Tops $200 Billion
Facebook Inc. (FB)’s market value exceeded $200 billion to put it among the world’s biggest corporations, as investors bet on the company to capitalize on the future of mobile advertising. Facebook shares rose 0.8 percent to $77.89 at the close in New York, valuing the company at $201.6 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. READ MORE.
Obama's Former Chief Economist Calls For An End To US Dollar Reserve Status
There are few truisms about the world economy, but for decades, one has been the role of the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency. It’s a core principle of American economic policy. After all, who wouldn’t want their currency to be the one that foreign banks and governments want to hold in reserve? READ MORE.
An Ebola-infected ISIS terrorist could easily motorboat across Lake Erie and reach Ohio from Canada, according to an American conservative filmmaker who videotaped a fictionalized one-jihadi incursion across Lake Erie and released the footage Monday.
'On the eve of the 9/11 anniversary our man, dressed as an ISIS terrorist was able to cross Lake Eris, walk off a boat into Cleveland, Ohio – and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,' guerrilla documentarian James O'Keefe narrates. READ MORE.
MYSTERY: More than 1000 children hit with respiratory virus across 10 states...

A respiratory illness that has already sickened more than a thousand children in 10 states is likely to become a nationwide problem, doctors say. READ MORE.



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