Retired justice changes mind on Kavanaugh | Clio acquires Lexicata | FBI seeks Facebook Messenger wiretap

5 months ago

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Friday, October 5, 2018

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Former Justice Stevens announces his opposition to Kavanaugh; nominee makes his case in op-ed

Access-to-justice work earns MacArthur 'genius grant' for American Bar Foundation faculty fellow

Your Voice:
Let's trash 'data dump' litigation ploys

Precedents: Oct. 6, 1949

'Tokyo Rose' convicted of treason

Wartime radio propagandist Iva D'Aquino was pardoned by President Gerald Ford in 1977. She died in 2006 at age 90.

Clio acquires Lexicata, launches customer relationship product Clio Grow

W. Va. justice acquitted in impeachment vote as colleague's criminal trial begins

FBI asks to wiretap Facebook Messenger calls

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