Roseanne Barr's Crazy Anti-Dem Conspiracy Theory | Krugman: Trump's Reality TV Presidency | Black Parkland Survivors Speak Out

1 year ago
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TODAY'S TOP STORIES - March 30, 2018

Paul Krugman Reveals an Unsettling Truth About Trump's Taste for TV Stars

By Jacob Sugarman, AlterNet

The president appears to have no actual policies whatsoever. READ MORE»

Black Parkland Shooting Survivors Feel Left Out of the National Gun Debate

By Mehreen Kasana, AlterNet

Black students say they wouldn’t feel safer with cops in their school. READ MORE»

No One Is Buying Laura Ingraham's Apology to Parkland Survivor David Hogg

By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams

"Money is all these people understand." READ MORE»

Roseanne Barr Is Promoting a Deranged Conspiracy Theory About Top Democrats

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

The TV star is one of Donald Trump's most loyal supporters. READ MORE»

Republican Climate Denialism Has Sunk to a Staggering New Low Under Trump

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

We didn't think the party could regress any further, but here we are. READ MORE»

FBI Detains London-Based 'Trump Defender,' Subpoenas Him in Mueller Probe

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

Ted Malloch has ties to Roger Stone and UKIP co-founder Nigel Farage. READ MORE»

Jimmy Carter Fears America's Transformation From Democracy to Oligarchy Is All but Complete

By Leslie Salzillo, DailyKos

The former president sounds off on the NRA, the Mueller investigation and more. READ MORE»

Tucker Carlson's Women's History Month Was Precisely as Grotesque as You'd Expect

By John Kerr, Cristina López G., Media Matters

The Fox News pundit has spent the past few weeks echoing the Internet's worst misogynists. READ MORE»

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