Save BIG with after-Christmas sales, 5 people who seriously need a tablet, + LAST WEEK - Enter Kim's Great Giveaway - Thurs. Dec. 24, 2015

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Save BIG with after-Christmas sales, 5 people who...
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DECEMBER 24, 2015

How to save big at the after-Christmas sales

By this point, you've bought most of the gifts your kids or grandchildren have been asking for, whether it's a drone, a smartphone or one of the season's other hot gifts. However you might find yourself scrambling for deals right until late on Christmas Eve. 

On Christmas morning, you get to experience the joy of the season in your children's or grandkids' eyes. It makes the shopping craziness worth it, but you're still not done. If you're a bargain hunter, you know that the Christmas morning lull is just the calm before the after-Christmas storm.

Find out how you can save big at after-Christmas sales and what items you should, and shouldn't, be looking to buy. >>

Flash Tip Video: 3 best apps to track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

It's time to start following Santa's yearly trip around the globe but as the big man in the red suit and his elves get everything ready, watch this Flash Tip to find out which app to use to follow them!

Click here to watch now. >>

5 people who need a tablet

Did you consider buying a tablet as a gift but weren't sure who exactly you'd give it to?

Learn who in your life needs a tablet; it might even be you! >>

LAST WEEK: Great Giveaway valuable prizes worth winning!

What's stopping you from entering my Great Giveaway? It only takes a minute, and the payoff could be HUGE! I'm giving away over 200 prizes valued at over $60,000! In addition to 4 big trips to Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Francisco and Mexico, I've also got tons of other great prizes from Klipsch, Quip, Intel, Creative Labs, Solpro, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Wacom, Honeywell, Vivint,, Postable, Owlet, Versame, LeapFrog, Kinsa and more! Hurry, time is running out!  

Enter my Great Giveaway now through December 28. >>

Step right up. Email me right here

I'm on a quest to make you and your family's digital life easier. I've got your answers, whether you need advice on home security, handling a social media situation, family issues or whatever is on your mind. Send me your question (or questions for that matter), and if I answer them on my show or, you win a great prize.

Click here to tell me what's on your mind now. >>

Here's a sweet stand for your smartphone

This cool stand is the pocket-friendly way to perfectly position your tablet or smartphone for the optimum viewing experience. It has three flexible legs that let you adjust both the width and viewing angle. It works with almost any tablet or smartphone.

You should really get one at my online shop! >>

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