Schutzian Research: Volume 9 / 2017

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Zeta Books Newsletter February 2018
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Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the release of our new publication:

Schutzian Research

A Yearbook of Worldly Phenomenology and Qualitative Social Science 
Volume 9 / 2017
ISSN: 2067-0621 (paperback)
ISSN: 2248-1907 (electronic)


Michael BARBER (Saint Louis University): Introduction to Schutzian Research 9

Jerry WILLIAMS (Stephen F. Austin State University): Growing Old: On Becoming a Stranger

Teppei SEKIMIZU (Faculty of Social Welfare Rissho University): The Foundations of Support Relationship for Hikikomori People: Self-determination, Shared-determination, and Self-definition

Ken TAKAKUSA (University of Tokyo): Inconsistency Between Solitary Ego and the Social World? Becoming and Meaning in Alfred Schutz


Jochen DREHER (University of Konstanz): Lester Embree: Biography

Andreas GÖTTLICH (University of Konstanz): Passing on the Baton: Lester Embree's Involvement with the Work of Alfred Schutz

Carlos BELEVEDERE (Research Institute Gino Germani, CONICET, University of Buenos Aires; State University of General Sarmiento): Lester Embree on 'Collective Subjects'

William MCKENNA (Department of Philosophy Miami University): Reflective Analysis and Phenomenology

Michael BARBER (Saint Louis University): Embree and Cairns on Phenomenology and Psychology

Hisashi NASU (Waseda University, Japan): Lester Embree and the Networks of Phenomenologists in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan

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