See Kim on MSNBC, Last-minute Christmas gift ideas, iPhone photo tricks, and more!

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See Kim on MSNBC, Last-minute Christmas gift ideas,...Problems viewing this email?
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Kim's live interview with MSNBC

Kim sits down with Alex Witt from MSNBC on Sunday and talks about the top tech gifts to give and receive this Christmas.

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This weather reporter blows through 12 'Star Wars' puns in 40 seconds

Don't you just love it when news reporters get clever with their segments? This weather reporter rang in the release of the new "Star Wars" movie by sneaking a dozen puns based on the films into her broadcast.

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5 best free photography apps for iPhone

Thanks to smartphone cameras, everyone can be a photographer at any event. In fact, many people don't even bother with standalone cameras anymore and just go straight for the smartphone. Watch this Flash Tips for five awesome photography apps for your iPhone that enhance your beautiful photos.

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Musicians will be astonished by this child's incredible perfect pitch

Even if you're not musical, you need to know that what this kid is doing is truly impressive. But if you are, you'll doubly appreciate his impeccable ear training. He's picking out some incredibly complex chords almost instantly with just his ears! Share this with any musical people you know.

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Kids choose between a Christmas gift for themselves and one for their family

Christmas can sometimes bring the selfish side out of kids. They get their hearts set on a present and they won't take no for an answer. But these kids will restore your faith in humanity. They had to choose between the gift they wanted and one for their family. Guess what they picked!

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3 last-minute Christmas gifts your family will love

You've got only a few days left to check off every
Christmas gift on your list. Maybe you like to plan ahead and you're already almost done, but even the most organized shoppers forget a gift or two. In this Flash Tip, we have three great gifts that'll save you from scratching your head at the mall on Christmas Eve.

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7 great gadgets for left-handers

If you are a lefty, you have definitely experienced the frustration of trying to fit your hands into a normal pair of scissors or uncomfortably fitting your arm over a spiral notebook. In this Flash Tip, we found seven lefty gadgets you need to have!

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These complete strangers look EXACTLY alike

Sara is from Sweden and Shannon is from Ireland. They've never met and they're not related, but they look almost exactly alike! They met through a site called Twin Strangers that helps people find their doppelgangers around the world.

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