Sept. 18 - Coca-Cola eyes cannabis-infused drinks | General Mills' North American sales slide

8 months ago

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General Mills posts sales gains even as its North American business lags; It's still summer, but consumers are falling for pumpkin spice; Quaker Oats aims to heat up oatmeal sales by touting health; Tyson CEO Tom Hayes to step down

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| Sept.​ 18,​ 2018


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Coca-Cola looks to enter cannabis-infused beverages market


The soda maker and Aurora Cannabis are reportedly in talks to develop the drinks. A deal would follow major investments in the space by alcohol giants such as Constellation Brands and Molson Coors. 


General Mills posts sales gains even as its North American business lags


Sales in the division, which drives most of the food manufacturer's revenue, fell $2.1% to $2.39 billion as U.S. snacks, yogurt and meals and baking all declined during the first quarter.


It's still summer, but consumers are falling for pumpkin spice


It may be early in the season, but sales of food and drinks infused with the flavor are already up nearly 10%, and more than 7% in volume from the same time last year.

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Quaker Oats aims to heat up oatmeal sales by touting health


Executives at PepsiCo found they can't just assume consumers know the popular breakfast staple is good for them, prompting the food and beverage company to do more to promote the product's benefits to shoppers.


Tyson CEO Tom Hayes to step down


Hayes will depart at the end of the month due to personal reasons, the company announced Monday. Noel White, the company's current beef, pork and international group president, will succeed him.


Once upon a bunny: John Foraker on his journey in the organic food space


The CEO of Once Upon a Farm, who helped take the category mainstream, talks about why the brand became successful, where organic is going next and tomorrow's powerhouse brands.

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