Sept. 7 - Food stamp cuts would hurt CPGs, retailers | Hershey makes e-commerce a priority

8 months ago

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As consumers go digital, Hershey makes e-commerce a priority; It's time to scale back on seafood, says famed National Geographic explorer; PepsiCo forms accelerator program in the US; Kroger combats food waste with Apeel partnership

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| Sept.​ 7,​ 2018

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Study: House farm bill would cut millions from food stamp rolls


The threat of losing 2 million SNAP customers will have big sales implications in the already low-margin grocery space, particularly among larger retailers.


As consumers go digital, Hershey makes e-commerce a priority


Executives at the candy and snack company said online sales are riddled with challenges, including spurring impulse buys and shipping chocolate during the hot summer.


It's time to scale back on seafood, says famed National Geographic explorer


Sylvia Earle told attendees at the Good Food Institute Conference the true environmental cost of fish for food is steep — and that it's time to develop more plant-based and lab-grown alternatives.

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PepsiCo forms accelerator program in the US


This marks the snack and beverage company's third major investment in the incubator space this year.


Kroger combats food waste with Apeel partnership


The grocer will introduce the long-lasting avocados in 109 Cincinnati stores this month, with plans to expand to other cities in the future.


FDA to exempt pure honey, maple syrup products from 'added sugars' label


The agency's final guidance will be released early in 2019, which it says will address "producer concerns that their products could be perceived as being economically adulterated.'' 


Kellogg challenges lawsuit claiming its cereals contain 'toxic' sugar levels


The company is disputing the class distinction of the suit, while arguing the sweetener found in Frosted Mini-Wheats, Smart Start and Raisin Bran is an ingredient "the body indisputably requires."


Nestlé may find goldenberry is the next superfood


The fruit, which is known for its health benefits and versatility as an ingredient in baked goods, salads or eaten by itself, is closely related to the tomato.

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