Shusterman's Immigration Update August 2015

3 years ago

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Volume 20, Number 7
August 2015

Table of Contents

1. Free Legal Assistance and Green Cards for Registered Nurses

2. State Department Visa Bulletin for August 2015

3. Immigration Government Processing Times

4. Success Story: A Long & Winding Road to a PERM Approval

5. Immigration Trivia Quiz: Immigrants on TV

6. Employers: USCIS Extends Deadline for Filing Amended H-1B Petitions

7. Shusterman's Upcoming Immigration Seminars

8. Winner of our July 2015 Immigration Trivia Quiz!



SHUSTERMAN'S IMMIGRATION UPDATE is the Web's most popular e-mail newsletter regarding U.S. immigration laws and procedures with
over 60,000 subscribers located in more than 150 countries. It is written by a former INS Trial
Attorney (1976-82) with over 30 years of experience practicing immigration law.
We will be at the government detention center in Dilley, Texas representing mothers and children at the end of August. Therefore, there will be no September issue of our newsletter.

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DHS Proposed Rule on Expansion of I-601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers

BIA Finds LPR Who Adjusted Status in US Not Barred from 212(h) Waiver

H-1B Visas: Offshore Firms Dominate

ICE Memo with Guidance on Treatment of Transgender Detainees

Immigration Battle Escalates

In Memory of Elizabeth Gervais-Gruen

Judge Rules in Favor of Detained Mothers and Children

Lawmakers Propose New Visa for Foreign Tech Entrepreneurs

Modernizing & Streamlining our Legal Immigration System for the 21st Century

Premium Processing Service Resumes for H-1B Extensions

Revised I-693 Required for Medical Exams

USCIS and Lawful Status Requirements for Religious Workers

USCIS Draft Memo on Agents Who Serve as O or P Petitioners


"In 2009, more than 55 million Americans were immigrants or the children of immigrants. These first- or second-generation Americans were valuable links back to their home countries and also significant contributors to our own country’s economic, cultural, and political life. Immigration helped keep the US population young and dynamic at a time when many of our partners and competitors were aging. Russia, in particular, faced what President Putin himself has called a “demographic crisis.” Even China, because of its “One Child Policy,” was headed toward a demographic cliff. I only wish that the bipartisan bill passed the Senate in 2013 reforming our immigration laws could pass the House."

- Hilary Clinton


Disclaimer: This newsletter is not intended to establish an attorney-client relationship. All information contained in this newsletter is generalized. Any reliance on information contained herein is taken at your own risk.

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