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Editor’s note: Occasionally, we come across ideas that we simply have to forward to you. This one comes courtesy of our friends at Port Phillip Publishing.

Dear Reader,

We’ve talked recently about the massive expansion in money supply leaking into the copper price.

So…what’s the investment angle?

How specifically could you play this in 2021?

My colleague over at Money Morning, Ryan Dinse, has an intriguing take on it.

You should read his new research report ASAP.

You know I believe you can expect an astonishing speculative mania if the copper price really blows.

It’s not done it yet. But it’s building.

Ryan sees one coming, too. But for a different reason.

He thinks certain (but not all) copper stocks could go to the Moon this year. Because of what he calls the ‘second-order’ effects of the clean energy boom.

The stock he’s identified is intriguing — a rare copper-nickel double play. One he believes is about to become a ‘prolific value accumulator’.

Says Ryan…

The discovery hole it has just unearthed in Western Australia backs this up. It contains really good grades of both nickel and copper.

In fact, what it’s sitting on is remarkably similar to the Nova-Bollinger deposit found by Sirius Resources in 2012. Sirius went from five cents to $5 in a matter of months on that discovery.

These guys are now being backed by some serious heavy-hitters, which I won’t name here.

They’re cashed up and ready to pump some serious money into exploration, right as the nickel-copper rush really starts to ramp up in 2021.

Who are they? And what’s their story?

Click here for Ryan’s latest research…


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