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Site Speed | SEO: Reclaiming Links | Machine Learning

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October 4, 2016

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Amazon Marketplace SEO: 4 Seller Strategies

More product searches start on Amazon than Google.  Download this special report to discover four key marketplace strategies to improve the search visibility of your listings and drive more revenue from Amazon.  You’re moments away from several profit-producing “aha” moments.



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Google Analytics: Using Site Speed Data to Improve Conversions

Niche ecommerce merchants face challenges in competing with big box retailers. Providing an online shopping experience on a tight budget that is comparable to the larger sites (with huge budgets) can seem insurmountable. A top priority for a niche merchant in improving...



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10 Inspiring Marketing Campaigns from Holidays Past

This year’s holiday shopping season is upon us. Find some marketing inspiration in campaigns from holidays past. Here is a list of successful marketing campaigns from previous holiday seasons. There are both live-action and stop-motion videos...

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Google Analytics: Tracking Phone Calls

Would you like to see phone calls reported in Google Analytics? With this inexpensive and easy-to-use app, you can see call data for any traffic source from PPC, SEO and email to direct mail, billboards and commercials — all conveniently in your reports and dashboards.




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SEO: Reclaiming Links to Deleted Pages

When pages on your site go away, their link authority is wasted. But you can harvest that precious link authority and redirect it to other pages on your site, those that you actually want to rank...

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Credit Card Processing: Better to Work with Resellers or Processors?

My recent series on working with credit card salespeople prompted good feedback and questions from readers. I addressed some of the questions in my August article. For this article, I will respond to readers who asked if payment processors are more reputable than...

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6 Ways Machine Learning Will Impact Ecommerce

Machine learning is a discipline aimed at having computers discover patterns or trends in some set of data without being explicitly programmed to recognize the pattern or trend. A counter example will help to explain the technique. Target is famous in the retail industry..

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