Six Laws for Connecting with the C-Suite

3 years ago

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Monday, May 4, 2015


Six Laws for Connecting with the C-Suite


When you follow these Relationship Laws, your network will grow rapidly. Prospects will become eager buyers. You’ll be seen by clients as a trusted partner rather than an expense to be managed.


Eliminate Issues With Your Fees With a Value Conversation

When fees are presented only as AUM-related, then the only value is the investment process that drives the investments.


Why Don't You Roll the Dice and Ask Anyway

The key to not missing out on those opportunities is ensuring that asking, or at least alerting people to the fact that you would like to be referred, is part of your process.


Advisors: Video . . . You Can Do This: Here's How

If you haven’t made video a part of your sales, marketing and communications efforts yet, you really ought to. It’s easer than you think, and the results can be dramatic.


How Leadership Impacts Culture and Why it Matters

As a leader, employees watch how you behave to determine if you are authentic and deserving of support. You are always under observation.


Your Perfect Relationship: Why Women Need to Get "Intimate" with Money

These issues may be tough to confront but they are not insurmountable if we, as women, build awareness of our financial situation and take an active role in managing our money.

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