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October 2015
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The Importance of Small Business Security
In the UK, smaller businesses are the lifeblood of national prosperity. Given their importance to the UK economy, Trend Micro tried to discover just how ready these businesses are for the potentially devastating consequences of data compromise.
Learn why small businesses are an attractive target
What's the Story Behind the New Chipped Credit Cards
By October 1, you should have received a new credit card with a chip on it. Though the US is not following the rest of the world and implementing "chip-and-PIN" yet, there is a long-term goal to move to that option because it's more secure and helps reduce fraud and theft.
See what these changes mean for you
Hosted Email Security Combats Spear-Phishing and Ransomware
Trend Micro is committed to supporting your journey to the cloud. Our Hosted Email Security (HES), a cloud-based email gateway solution, is an example of this commitment. The latest HES version has advanced targeted attack protection and anti-ransomware.
Learn about the technologies we use to fight spear-phishing
Dissecting Data Breaches and Debunking the Myths
Data breaches are in the news all the time now. Whether it's the loss of credit and debit card info from a retailer like Target, or personal data from a health insurance company like Premera Blue Cross, there's a steady drumbeat of stories about data being lost to attackers.
Find out what happens to the data after it's stolen
Who is Stealing Your Data? Get the Facts
It's important to maintain a healthy skepticism when reading about the latest data breaches. Major incidents grab the headlines, but they don't always tell the whole story. Cold hard facts collected over a period of 10 years allow us to see who's stealing our data and why.
Read the summary of a report based on public data breach records
Interview with Senior Threat Researcher David Sancho
Ransomware has grown tremendously from a mere scareware that inhibits user access of his system to a sophisticated data kidnapper that restricts access of important files for consumers and even the enterprise. Trend Micro's David Sancho talks about this evolution.
Watch the video and learn
Your Worry-Free™ Business Security should be version 9.0.
If your security is not current, please update it as soon as you can to ensure that you have the latest and best protection for your business. By the way, anti-ransomware is a new feature in 9.0 and is a good motivation for upgrading your Worry-Free Business Security now.
Visit the Worry-Free Business Support website and upgrade
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TREND MICRO: What is Spear-Phishing?
FORTUNE: Amazon Sets Sights on Massive Internet of Things Opportunity with New Cloud Offering
DELL: Small Businesses Must Address Security and Privacy
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