SMB Security News: Tips for Creating a Good Anti-Ransomware Strategy

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September 2015
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Keeping Up with the Crypto-Ransomware Threats
Backing up your data files is part of a good anti-ransomware strategy. Additionally, Trend Micro has a free tool to remove ransomware. However, the best way to avoid a crypto-ransomware attack is to be protected by solutions like Worry-Free™ Business Security.
Learn about defending against ransomware
2Q 2015 Security Roundup
The latest quarterly threat research from Trend Micro reports on a wave of new vulnerabilities in public utilities—and in new Internet of Things technologies. Learn what this and other threat trends mean to your security needs.
Read the Security Roundup
Cybersecurity Under FTC Authority: What Does it Mean?
The Federal Trade Commission can now take action if they think a corporation lacks "due diligence" in protecting the digital security of Americans. Companies will need to have the standard of care that's dictated by the best practices in place for that industry at the time.
Get more of Tom Kellerman's insights
Blackmail, Deletion Offers Hit Ashley Madison Users
How much is keeping a secret worth? Scam artists trying to take advantage of the Ashley Madison data breach think it's worth one Bitcoin (currently equal to $230 US). Blackmailing members of the adulterous dating website exposed by the breach adds to the embarrassing fallout.
See how the blackmailers are trying to leverage the breach
The Decline of Email Spam?
One of the trends we've been seeing for some time now is a lower amount of spam affecting the world. The chart in Jon Clay's blog indicates that spam volumes have generally been trending lower since August of 2014. So can we drop our guard? No way.
Read how spammers have become more efficient
Upgrade Worry-Free Business Security to Stay Better Protected
Pete knows the importance of keeping his small business IT security updated to the latest version to stay better protected. He is happy that Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security makes upgrading free and easy and takes very little time.
Watch the animated video to see how Trend Micro does it
Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security 8.0 Service Pack 1 Patch 1 EN Critical Patch B2078 is now available on Download Center. This patch is required to support Microsoft Windows 10.
Your Worry-Free Business Security should be version 9.0. If your security is not current, please update it as soon as you can to be assured that you have the latest and best protection for your business.
Visit the Worry-Free Business Support website and upgrade now
Watch the support video for specific instructions
LA TIMES: China and Russia are Using Hacked Data to Target U.S. Spies
TREND MICRO: Lone Rangers of the Underground
FORBES: 6 Observations about Cybersecurity Based on Two New Surveys
MASHABLE: This App Gives You a Virtual Security Guard to Walk You Home
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