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5 years ago

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To all of you that have travelled and studied Spanish with us in Cusco, Buenos Aires and at our partner schools in Montevideo and Lima, we like to thank you for your preference and wish you a ‘FelizNavidad y un Prospero Año Nuevo!’
Santa has no other way to adjust when coming to Argentina in summer time! Not a bad feat, considering the Argentines love for wine, barbeques and relaxing in the parks and terraces!
The city however is doing its best to give its visitors a more classical Christmas feeling, with extravagant deco everywhere to be found, from the main roads, squares to complete shopping malls are turned into Christmas wonderland.
Buenos Aires and is the cultural capital of all South America and with the party spirit that Argentines are so infamous for, there no lack of entertainment. Read more here!
Spending Christmas in Cusco means attending the Mass of the Roosters and enjoy typical Peruvian sweets and snacks. At New Year’s Eve it’s time to burn your old clothes and eat 12 grapes.
Soaking up the spirit of Christmas in the archeological capital of the Americas, with colonial and indigenous influences everywhere, is a cultural experience like you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Latin America.
Interested to find out more? Read the following suggestions to find out what Peruvians do to have a rewarding and magical Christmas time.
If you haven’t made any plans yet and want to celebrate Christmas or New Year in style, why not join us at following the footsteps of the Incas to one of the Seven Wonders of the World!
There’s no doubt about it that spending part of your Christmas holidays high up in the Andean mountains makes for a truly memorable and unique experience. As a licensed Inca Trail operator, we guarantee you are in good hands with only the best guides and chefs.
Read the following article for more information and discounted departures!
On the 24th of December the central plaza of Cusco is the decor of the biggest Christmas fair of popular arts in all of Peru: the Santurantikuy market.
Without a doubt, the main character and emblematic patron of the fair is ‘el Niño Manuelito’, better known as baby Jesus.
It could very well end up being one of the cultural highlights of your travel in Peru. Read all about this unusual and enchanting event by clicking here!
Mark has come from Bristol England to work at Dos Manos and AMAUTA in Cusco. Knowing he would spend Christmas with his new colleagues he shares his ‘European’ view on what it is that makes Christmas in Peru so special.
He got involved in big chicken feasts, soccer tournamentsand donation events for the poorer indigenous communities.
Read here about his enriching yet humbling experience of living and working in Peru over Christmas.
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