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2 months ago
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Three Supreme Court justices appointed by Republican presidents seemed inclined to disregard a lower court opinion and let the Trump administration add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census. An estimated 6.5 million people may go uncounted if the question is included, endangering funding and representation for many Democratic-leaning states through the end of the next decade. —Josh Petri

Here are today’s top stories

Elon Musk on Monday rhetorically asked: “How could it be that Tesla, who has never designed a chip before, would design the best chip in the world?” Nvidia quickly answered: It can't

It took 14 weeks to fall and 17 weeks to recover. If you managed to hold on during the U.S. stock market’s biggest tantrum in six years, you’ve just been made whole.

A Google subsidiary has become the first drone operator to receive government approval as an airline, giving it the legal authority to begin dropping products to actual customers.

Coke or Pepsi? Pampers or Huggies? It doesn't matter which consumer package goods brand you choose. You're paying more either way.

Mario Batali's former empire is thriving, now that the disgraced chef has moved on. There's just one problem: Will diners find his former restaurants compelling without him?

A new smartphone can easily cost over $1,000. It's no wonder that wireless customers are making due with their old phones longer than ever.

What's Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director and barbecue expert is curious about the rise of vegan meat substitutes and the inevitable political battle that's coming. For 2018, Beyond Meat's revenue was just under $90 million, but if it can convince more meat eaters to shift just a little of their overall consumption to these products, it's easy to see sales for this company (and its competitors) being massive.

What you’ll need to know tomorrow

Hecklers called Wells Fargo's executives "frauds" and "criminals."A property tycoon gave away his children's $400 million inheritance.Wall Street was skeptical of UPS's $20 billion tech bet. It paid off.Paris is going all out for London's Brexit exiles.Trump administration officials won't attend Correspondents' Dinner.Warren Buffett says newspapers are "toast."How to find the best pair of chinos for your body type. 

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What you’ll want to read tonight

To Save Steaks, We Need Climate-Proof Cows

Heat affects cows in many ways, none of them good. They can become sick, infertile or even die. As temperatures rise, beef will get more difficult and costly to produce. So genetics professor Raluca Mateescu is trying to breed heatproof cattle that still taste good. No word on the methane issue.

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