Surge in cryptocurrency hacks | 4 shot at judge's office | Most BYU 1Ls are women

5 months ago

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Friday, September 21 2018

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Hackers are increasingly gaining access to systems to mine cryptocurrency, report finds

Is PwC building the flexible law firm of the future?

Tax-funded urban revitalization programs in California push laws punishing the homeless, study says

Legal Technology

Algorithms fall short in predicting litigation outcomes

Algorithms are built on structured data. If your data is of low quality, then it’s as the saying goes: “garbage in, garbage out.”

Women comprise most of BYU Law's 1Ls for the first time

Chief of 3D gun blueprint manufacturer accused in sexual assault of teen

Trump weighs in on scheduled Kavanaugh public hearing, slams Sessions once more

Gunman killed after shooting 4 at magisterial district judge's office

Question of the Week

What storytelling lessons have you learned during your legal career?

Rock icon Bruce Springsteen left an impression on law professor Philip N. Meyer. Did someone from music or the arts influence you and how did that happen? Answer in the comments.

Read the answers to last week's question: How do you deal with people who interrupt conversations?

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