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3 years ago

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Over the last few months Symantec has divided its Security (Symantec) and Data Management (Veritas) business into two independent entities. The split of Symantec and Veritas is due for completion by the end of 2015.

How can comparex help?

COMPAREX UK have been working hard to achieve competency status in 5 Symantec and Veritas technology areas, including 65 pre-sales and technical accreditations. The technology areas include:
Endpoint Security
Enterprise and Mid-Market Backup and Recovery
Endpoint Security
Dynamic Storage and Continuity

Our technical team at COMPAREX UK deliver a range of comprehensive services encompassing both Symantec and Veritas products from initial project design through to implementation, knowledge transfer, training and project management.

To request more information about our Symantec and Veritas services please contact us at

are you compliant?

Managing licenses across multiple vendors can be time consuming and challenging. Now is a good time to ensure you are compliant and COMPAREX’s experts can help you significantly reduce the risk of costly audits as well and lowering licensing costs through consolidation. COMPAREX’s Software Asset Management (SAM) service SAM2GO supports you in managing your software portfolio, discovers unused licences and can help realise potential savings.

For more information on any of our services or help with any questions regarding the Symantec and Veritas split please contact us on



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