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Guest Blog by Gail Harris

One of the things I love about trying to walk a spiritual path is the surprise and synchronicity that accompany the journey. The "everyday miracles" that make life so much fun. And the more you try to be the best version of yourself, the more often they show up. They don't have to be big. In fact, the little ones make me smile as much as when the giant ones appear.

You know what I mean, I'm sure: the person who drops into your life, seemingly out of the blue, to help you solve a problem. When you say aloud, "I'm going to need a good photographer," and then the next day someone asks, again out of the blue, (except you know it isn't) whether you might be needing photographic help because a friend of theirs is expanding her business. Not to mention the fun you can have manifesting parking places in the city. This one was tiny, but such a perfect illustration of what I'm talking about that I wanted to share it.

But where was the point? And how were we going to find it without having to hang like bats over a somewhat alarming edge? Well, no sooner had I formulated the thought than a head suddenly appeared twenty feet to my right, rising from the steep upward trail to the fire road, the head followed by the body of a gray-haired gentleman with a tee-shirt that proclaimed him "The World's Greatest Grandpa Ever." As we pulled alongside, I asked if his way led to the trail head we were looking for. Indeed it did, so we happily turned right and made our way down easily, with me grinning all the while.

No big deal, certainly. And yes, we probably would have found the trail ourselves without too much effort. But that's the whole point. No effort at all was required. I asked and ten seconds later the answer appeared - from the first person we'd seen on the mountain in more than an hour.

That was my everyday miracle. What's yours?

In gratitude
Gail Harris

Gail Harris is the creator, executive producer and host for "Body & Soul," the PBS series on mind/body/spirit, and author of the companion book," Body & Soul. Your Guide to Health, Happiness, and Optimal Well-being." A National Emmy Award-winning journalist for public television and radio, Harris has a master's degree in public administration from Harvard University. She lives in northern California, where she is devoted to her son, Michael, and partner, John.

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