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Don´t miss this year’s most important conference about braille and graphics for children and youth – Tactile Reading 2017.Läs på webben
Tactile Reading. Braille and graphics for children and youth. Stockholm April 5 - 7, 2017Only 20 tickets left!People from all over the world are showing a great interest in participating in the conference in different ways, as delegates, speakers or exhibitors and we are now more than 280 participants. We are looking forward to meeting you all! For you who have not registered yet, the conference has a limited number of tickets, but there is still time to join, so register now to ensure your seat.
We have decided to extend the registration date due to the overwhelming interest in the conference. The registration will be open until we reach 300 participants, and now there are 20 tickets left! Make the registration hereChoose the sessions that fit your interestWe offer you a wide spectrum of talented speakers from countries all over the world all engaged in the field of tactile reading. 
Our speakers will highlight 5 important topics:
• Development of tactual understanding
• Tactile reading and the brain
• Braille and literacy
• Tactile graphics
• Universal design and tactile reading
Go to Speakers at the conference site and read about all the sessions.3 questions to …… the speakers Anders Rönnbäck and Kia Johansson from The Swedish National Agency of Special Needs Education and Schools, SPSM.
1. What will you talk about?
The presentation will be about how to strengthen the tactile decoding of braille. Sighted children learn the shapes of letters long before school start in both spontaneous and structured reading and writing activities. A child with blindness however meets tactile characters to a very limited extent and needs to be compensated for the lack of corresponding stimulation.
2. What do you want the audience to learn from your presentation?
We want the audience to be convinced that specific training interventions can improve tactile reading performance.
3. What are you looking forward to, most of all?
We look forward meeting lots of interesting and inspiring people working in the field of tactile reading, and to learn about new research.The latest news about the conferenceJoin our Facebook event to get the latest news about the conference! It’s an open event so feel free to invite your colleagues and friends. Please notice that even if you join the event you still have to register to the conference at the website.
Read all about the conference: www.tactilereading.org Avregistrera mig från detta utskickPowered by EditNews


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