Telephony to the Cloud - O365 E5 Launch

3 years ago

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Telephony to the cloud

Office 365 E5 launches in December and will deliver the most comprehensive, secure cloud productivity & communication offering to date. Now is the time to learn more and explore how O365 E5 can enhance your telephony systems.


COMPAREX's Cloud Services Team are here to advise and support your technical team in evaluating how O365 E5 can support your business strategy through real-time Communications, Analytics and Advanced Security. COMPAREX will help build your Business Case ready for O365 E5's arrival.

NEW Enterprise value in office 365

Modern Collaboration

Personalised Insight

People Centric Compliance

Complete meeting solution including PSTN Conferencing
Call management with your Cloud PBX
PSTN Calling offer plans with minutes directly from Microsoft
Live business analytics & visualisation in one place with Power BI Pro
Team & organisational insights with Delve Org Analytics
Customer-controlled data access with Customer LockBox
Secure Attachments and URLs with Advanced Threat Protection
Enhanced legal & compliance search with Predictive eDiscovery


COMPAREX is holding a webinar on Tuesday 8th December at 10.30am to discuss Migrating your Telephony to the Cloud with O365 E5.  

COMPAREX and Microsoft's services and licensing experts will discuss the new features in O365 E5, the key business challenges this addresses and how you can successfully migrate your telephny to the cloud. Furthermore, we will also provide a demonstration on the new features O365 E5 offers, including:

Real-time Communications - Cloud PBX, PSTN Conferencing, Skype Meeting Broadcast and PSTN Calling as an add-on based on availability
Analytics - End User Analytics with Power BI, Organisational and Delve Analytics
Advanced Security - Predictive eDiscovery, Secure Attachments and Safe URLs with Advanced Threat Protection, and Access Control with Customer Lockbox

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