Texas Collects 25K+ Signatures to Secede from USA

6 years ago
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Today on AMTV! (Nov. 13th, 2012)

On today's edition of Greenewave TV, Christopher Greene explains why the great state of Texas is the first to collect 25K+ signatures in order to secede from the Union. Be careful what you wish for President Obama, because as a result of American Socialism the Constitutional Republic is splitting in two and looking a lot more like the Civil War era and administration of Abraham Lincoln that you compare yourself too! Watch Christopher's Go Live! segment streamed at 10-11am CST and don't forget the latest edition of AMTV News covering current events by Topher Morrison... The United States is facing Civil War and we cover it hard-hitting and in your face as usual! See calendar events.


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'Hard-hitting and in your face!'


Texas Collects 25K+ Signatures to Secede from USA

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