The Advantages of a Mutt [Pet Tips] (3)

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Pet Tips (March 15, 2019)
While we don't have a new contest photo entry we do have some great advice and there are a couple of guides that contain pet photos. Submit your tips, photos, and recipes and if eligible we will publish them in an upcoming newsletter as wells as enter them into the appropriate contest.
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Today's Featured Post

The Advantages of a Mutt

So you'd like to get a dog, but you're not sure what kind. Purebred? Mutt? There are certain advantages to owning a mixed-breed dog, believe it or not.

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Getting Rid of Fleas on a Dog

By poehere

I live in Tahiti and unfortunately there aren't a lot of pet stores here on the islands. In fact, there aren't any pet stores here on the island. If we want anything for your pets we have to buy them from the veterinary or the pharmacy. We pay an extremely high price for our pet care needs.

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Fresh Pineapple Juice for Rabbit FurballsRabbits get furballs almost as often as cats. The best cure was told to me by a vet years ago. Purchase a pineapple and squeeze some juice from it and give to the rabbit. Some will drink it, others, you may have to put the juice in a syringe to administer.Raise Cats and Dogs Together

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Today's QuestionsTreating a Kitten with Eye DischargeCan you use Vaseline on a kitten's eyes with an infection?Cat Is Losing Hair in ChunksMy cat is 16 years old and has dry brown stuff on his face, around the eyes, nose, and under his chin. When I wipe it off gently with a wet washcloth it comes off, but chunks of fur do as well. Any idea what's causing this?Dog Has Itchy Lump on His SideDog Pees Inside When I'm at WorkRemedy for a dog that pees in the house when I'm at work.ThriftyFun Contests!

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