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Hi John,

Looking for some quality reading this weekend? This week on our blog, Andrew delivers his 10 things he read this month that you should too.
We call it the BettingExpert Blog Top 10
1 - Six reasons why this Championship season has been worse than last year : Has this Championship season been as good as last year? The 72 blog gives us 6 reasons why this season's edition has failed to live up to expectations.
2 - Alternative EPL Data Visualisation : The Cann Table : What is the Cann Table? Well it's an alternative visualisation of the Premier League table that ranks clubs by points won rather than position.
3 - Remembering Football On The ZX Spectrum : TwoHundred% takes a look back at 10 football games that were developed for the ZX Spectrum video game system that first came on the market 30 years ago.
4 - Everton just hate starting over : The On Goals Scored blog takes a look at Everton under the guidance of manager David Moyes and their seemingly traditional good run of form towards the end of each season.
5 - Are relegation 6-pointers important? : Mirko Bolesan takes a look at how the results of matches between clubs in the lower depths of the Premier League table impact upon their chances of surviving relegation.
6 - The sacking of football managers as an exact science : Tom Markham discusses the issue of assessing a coach's performance and whether or not sacking a coach necessarily leads to an improved team performance.
7 - The Brief Decline of the Premier League Hat-trick : The guys at Zonal Marking take look at the occurence rates of Premier League hat-trick since the league's inception.
8 - I'm not your typical professional sports bettor : Who is Jack Zito? He's a self proclaimed betting handicapper employed by whose short lived career lasted a total of 9 picks before he was proved to be a fraud.
9 - Some graphic illustration of this season's Premier League : The Decision Tech Blog chart how their league simulation assessed each club's chances of winning the Premiership, finishing top 4 and being relegated as the season progressed.
10 - We get what we deserve with football punditry : Why is modern football punditry so abysmal? As Jack Howes on Soccerlens tells us, we might get better if we weren't all so precious.
Also on the blog this week Andrew tells us how to develop our sense for identifying betting value while Stephen talks with professional punter John Basquill about his career in the betting world.
There's always something good to read on the BettingExpert Blog. Enjoy!
Best regards,

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